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Everything You Need to Know About Our Fry Oil Filtration Filters

CiboWares has a wide variety of fry oil filters available to increase the life of fryer oil, and remove the smoky and unpleasant taste from used cooking oil. These products help improve safety by promoting the use of the machine’s automatic filtration systems. They are guaranteed to reduce the amount of times your business replaces its oil and help reduce the wastage of oil, making them an economical option. Durable and dependable, they can filter out residue with ease to ensure that customers receive a great tasting product. But what are the differences between our filters? Keep reading to find just the right one to suit your foodservice location’s needs.

Filter cones have a non-woven design with overlock stitches. Overlock stitches are sewn over the edge of the cones to create a strong seam. 10” filter cones are perfectly designed for use with filter cone holders which holds cones in place. Filter cone holders have two handles to ensure easy filtering and are a must-have for ensure filters remain firmly in place during use. Need to know if our filter cones will suit your needs? Measure filter cones by taking note of the radius of the cone, or measuring from the center to the edge.

Filter sheets are available in both non-woven and paper styles and contain a single sheet or thickness. None of our filter sheets have holes and they can be measured by simply finding the length and width. Non-woven and paper filter envelopes are also available and have double the thickness of filter sheets. They can have stitching on two or three sides of the envelope to ensure quality filtering. Both non-woven and paper styles have either one sided or double sided holes. One sided holes only go through one side of the envelope, while double sided holes go through the whole filter. To measure envelopes with a hole, measure the opening of the hole and measure from the stitched point of the envelope to the edge of the one sided or double sided hole. Users should also identify if the hole is one sided or double sided.

Paper filter discs are only available in paper styles. Filters with a hole, no hole, and four tabs are also available. These filters are round and filters without a hole can be easily measured by simply determining the diameter of the filter, or measuring the filter across the center from edge to edge. For filters with a hole, measure the opening of the hole and determine the placement of the hole by measuring the various sides inside the hole to the outer edge of the filter.

For more information on our selection of fry oil filtration products, be sure to read our “Fry Oil Filtration” buying guide!

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