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Differences Between Poly and Polypropylene Aprons

Cibowares offers a wide selection of both poly and polypropylene aprons in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes. When selecting aprons for use at your restaurant or commercial kitchen, the material used to make the products is an important aspect to consider. With this useful guide, you can be sure to select the right products for your business.


Our poly aprons are available in sizes ranging from 24” x 42” to 28” x 55” and can be bought in lightweight or heavyweight styles. While polypropylene aprons are available in 28” x 36”, they have long, adjustable ties and can be comfortably worn by many users. When buying aprons, be sure to take into account the many notable differences between poly and polypropylene products, such as cost, design, and intended use.

Poly Aprons

These 100% polyethylene aprons are waterproof and ideal for use by bussers and dishwashers. While less cost-effective than polypropylene aprons, they offer excellent protection against spills and stains in non-toxic work environments. Available in heavyweight and lightweight designs.

Polypropylene Aprons

High-quality and economical, these lightweight aprons are made from non-woven polypropylene. They are not waterproof, instead providing complete protection from dust and dirt particles. These products are disposable for your convenience and can be recycled in some areas. With a comfortable, breathable design, they are ideal for dry applications in non-toxic environments, such as use in restaurants, medical device companies, or candy manufacturing units.

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