kris wearing a disposable apron and black disposable gloves and scrubbing the steel countertopmechanic working on a motorcycle while wearing black nitrile gloves

Your Go-To Guide To Protective Wear

Keeping food safe and contaminant-free is a top priority for any restaurant owner or manager – and so is keeping employees safe from harm. To help make protecting food from common kitchen germs easy, we’ve created a no-fail toolkit that has everything you need to keep your guests safe, and your staff well protected.


Disposable gloves are a necessary tool for any foodservice business. But while they’re essential and useful, it can take some trial-and-error before you find the right type of glove that works best for your needs, and keeps your staff comfortable.

Available in a variety of different materials, from polyethylene (perfect for food processing establishments where workers change gloves frequently) to vinyl (which are the most form-fitting, and work best for jobs that require attention to details), CiboWares offers gloves that can help to eliminate contamination of foodborne illness, and keep diners safe. For help deciding which gloves are best for your task, check our Disposable Gloves Buying Guide.


There’s nothing diners find more unpleasant than finding a hair in their food. Our line of hair restraints and hairnets are easy to wear, and eliminate the chance that a stray strand of hair will end up on a diners plate. All of our hair restraints are latex-free, making them comfortable for extended wear, while remaining snug and secure. And, for men with beards, we also offer a line of beard covers that keep facial hair in place. For more details, visit our Disposable Chef Hats & Hair Restraints Buying Guide.

Shoe Covers

Street shoes can pose a big problem for many working environments, tracking in dirt, germs, and outside contaminants. Keep your work space squeaky clean with shoe covers, providing non-skid protection for clean surfaces. All of our shoe covers are lightweight, waterproof, and help to keep shoes clean from liquid, oil, and light chemical spills.


Protect clothing from splashes, spills, and stains with CiboWares’ line of polyethylene aprons. These heavyweight, disposable aprons are perfect for protecting clothes while completing messy projects and are comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis. Anyone who works in the foodservice or hospitality industries will appreciate the chance to keep their clothes neat, and stain-free.


Disposable, hospital-grade masks help to protect against airborne diseases, and keep dust and debris at bay. Perfect for use in kitchen environments, healthcare facilities, and industrial spaces, having disposable masks on hand (even if they’re not used every day), helps to provide a layer of protection for all employees

Make your list and check it twice. With these tools, your workplace will be safe, secure, and comfortable.


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