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Creative Drink Garnishes

Serving up cocktails, margaritas, or other specialty drinks at your food service establishment? Don’t just settle for traditional beverages, have some fun and experiment with garnishes to add some extra style and flavor to specialty drinks. From powdering rims to piercing through fresh fruit, here are some great ideas for enhancing the look of any specialty beverage.

Go Traditional
You can never go wrong with time honored classics. Limes and lemons remain some of the most popular options for garnishes and add a citrusy flavor to drinks. They are ideal for use with wide rimmed cocktail or tumbler glasses. To make, start by cutting off the ends of your citrus and cut it lengthwise into quarters. Lay each quarter on its side and slice off the white pith and the seeds. Place each quarter peel side down, and slice lengthwise into two. Lastly, choose the angle you want your wedge to rest at, cut a notch, and place it on the rim of your glass! It’s the simple and easy way to add some color to any glass.

For martinis, olives are the most popular garnishing choice. To create a beautiful olive garnish, simply pierce through olives with our selection of bamboo knot picks or arrow picks, and place in the glass!

Go Fruity!
Not satisfied with traditional lemons or limes? Use berries, oranges, or other fruit to create a fresh fruit skewer to place in glasses. Use our margarita glasses to create beautiful margaritas and our colorful sword picks to pierce through fruit with ease.

For Holiday themed garnishes, use sugar coated cranberries in cocktails to give them some added color. They are ideal for use with cosmopolitan glasses and can be paired with prism picks to ensure quality presentation.

Add Some Sweetness
Use chocolate, cookies, sprinkles, and other delicious treats to garnish specialty drinks for dessert, or to simply add some new flavors to your beverage menu.

Wide rimmed glasses such as martini or margarita glasses are ideal for decorating or dipping rims. Create unique chocolate garnishes by simply dipping rims in chocolate and serving! This garnish is best suited with chocolate or dessert themed cocktails. Graham cracker crumbs, sprinkles, or crumbles can also be added over the chocolate garnish.

Cookies are another great dessert cocktail option! Simply take cookies and place them on the rim of glasses and you have yourself a sweet and attractive garnish. Star shaped cookies are preferable as they tend to sit better on the rim.

Bite Sized Snacks
What about serving sliders or mini waffles with specialty drinks? Serve up bloody marys with bite sized hamburger sliders to provide the ultimate beverage and snack experience. Sliders can easily be paired with our bamboo paddle pick for added style or topped with pickles or tomatoes for added color.

Serve up waffles with cream based or syrup cocktails. Easily paired with our bamboo or wood skewers, simply skewer waffles and place on top of beverages for a breakfast themed treat customers are sure to love.

Grilled cheese is a classic, but what about pairing it with bloody marys or other tomato based cocktails or beverages? Simply cook up a grilled cheese, cut it in half, and pierce on the rim of glasses and you have yourself a yummy grilled cheese garnish! Serve up bloody marys in our Carats Beverage glasses for added elegance and flair.

Simple and Easy
Yes, even something as simple and easy as using beverage napkins or straws can give garnishes some extra style or add color to simpler beverages. Beverage napkins are available in an assortment of colors and can be placed under glasses to prevent condensation from ruining tables or countertops.

Straws can be used with garnishes such as donuts, or dipped in chocolate or powders for added color and flavor. Paper fruit straws are ideal for use with colorful beverages, while sip straws can add some class to more traditional cocktails.

Add some style and color to drink garnishes with CiboWares' selection of premium quality products. Looking for more quality beverage products? Be sure to check out our cocktail picks and straws buying guides for more information!


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