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Complete a Wide Variety of Tasks with our Selection of Gloves

CiboWares has a glove for every need. Our selection of quality AmerCare gloves are sure to impress! Poly, vinyl, latex, nitrile, and synthetic gloves are available. These gloves are suitable for foodservice, industrial, and medical uses and come in many sizes and styles to suit a wide variety of users.

AmerCare gloves are ambidextrous which means that each glove can be used on either hand. Employees can simply grab gloves and go instead of trying to look for glove pairs! These gloves also come in easy dispensing boxes to make grabbing a new pair of gloves quick and easy.

AmerCare medical grade gloves are non sterile. Non sterile gloves are designed for non-surgical examinations and procedures. All medical grade gloves are also powder-free to ensure patient safety and to keep environments safe and sanitary.


Poly gloves have a looser fit than other glove styles, making them ideal for use in busy foodservice environments where changing gloves frequently is a must.

Use Foodguard embossed high density polyethylene gloves for food prep, or other foodservice related tasks in grocery stores or restaurants. These gloves are USDA accepted for food applications and are latex-free and powder-free. Polycast gloves are another great option for food prep areas and are made from cast polyethylene.


Looking for gloves to complete general cleaning or maintenance tasks? Use vinyl Anchor, Verge, Paradigm, or Sentinel gloves! Made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), these gloves can protect against mild irritants but are not medical grade. Durable, they are a great option for cleaning tabletops or other cleaning tasks. Powder-free and lightly-powdered styles are available. They are also latex-free.

Verge-Med and Sensi-Flex gloves are made from PVC and are medical grade. Medical grade gloves can be used for medical examinations and procedures. These gloves are also latex-free and powder-free for maximum convenience.


Make food prep a snap with latex Tuff Skin and Apollo gloves! These gloves are USDA approved for food applications and contain low levels of latex proteins. They are a great option for food production facilities or restaurants. Lightly-powdered and powder-free options are available.

Looking for gloves to complete maintenance or cleaning tasks? Use Verge gloves! These gloves can protect users from mild irritants and have a grip that makes them a great choice for handling tools to complete tasks with ease. Lightly-powdered and powder-free options are available. Neptune rubber latex gloves have a honeycomb texture and can protect users from hot water and irritants such as dish soap and cleaner, making these gloves the best option for washing dishes and scrubbing sinks.

Use latex medical grade Ninja, Ultra Flex, and Response ER gloves to complete medical examinations and procedures effectively and safely. Ninja gloves are a great option for tattoo artists due to their black color and durable design, and medical grade gloves can be used in hospitals or nursing homes. Ultra Flex gloves are a better option for medical facilities. Response ER gloves can be used in medical facilities and ER rooms and have a design that is almost twice as thick as normal gloves.

Gloves made from latex materials are not suitable for people with latex allergies or sensitivities.


Rhino gloves are FDA approved for use with food applications and are a wonderful latex and powder-free option. Made from nitrile, they have a seam at the wrist for a comfortable fit and are also resistant to oils and corrosive chemicals. They are a great option for workers using tools or food prep in foodservice locations.

Atlantic, Verge Indigo, and Pacific Blue Soft Gloves are designed for general cleaning and maintenance and are available in both latex-free lightly-powdered and powder-free styles.

Many of our nitrile gloves are medical grade including Grape Grip, Black Widow, Verge-Med, Protector XR, and Nitra Flex gloves. Grape Grip gloves have been approved for use with chemotherapy, and Black Widow gloves have a textured grip for gripping medical instruments and are a great option for tattoo parlors. For a thicker glove option, use Protector XR gloves. These gloves are thicker than average disposable gloves to provide greater protection.


Synthetic gloves like Gladiator gloves offer protection against mild irritants and are a great option for general cleaning and maintenance tasks. Latex-free and lightly-powdered or powder-free gloves are sold.

For a medical grade option, use Chameleon gloves. These gloves can be used for medical examinations and procedures and are latex and powder-free.


Made from synthetic materials, hybrid gloves are powder, PVC, and latex-free and can be used to carry out food prep, general cleaning and light maintenance tasks. Featuring a patented cuff and sure grip technology, they offer a better fit and grip than traditional poly gloves. They are also 100% recyclable, so you can greatly reduce your business’ plastic waste footprint.

To find out more about our selection of quality gloves, be sure to read our “Disposable Gloves Buying Guide.

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