turkey with shiny gold chop holders on the legsgold chop holders on a turkey

Add Some Flair to Meat Dishes with Chopholders

CiboWares’ selection of chopholders are available in gold, white, and assorted colors. Gold chopholders have a foil construction, while white and assorted chopholders have a paper construction. Assorted chopholders come in green, pink, yellow, and blue, and are disposable to help reduce cleanup time after service for maximum convenience.

Chopholders are designed to enhance the look of meat dishes such as turkey, lamb, pork, and veal and are easy to add to dishes for some extra elegance and flair. Impress customers by dressing up pork crowns or lamb chops with these quality holders. The paper holders are very durable, yet they are still compostable. Paper and foil holders are a wonderful alternative to less sanitary cloth decorations as disposable holders can be easily thrown out after service.

Add some style to Thanksgiving feasts or other holidays and special occasions with CiboWares’ premium quality chopholders. To learn more about how to prepare your dishes for the holidays, be sure to check out our “Holiday Food Trends” blog post.

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