Christopher C.

Steak Markers

Eliminate confusion in the kitchen with these colorful, effective steak markers. Able to denote rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, and well cooked steaks or dishes, they (plastic) are available in red, pink, blue, brown, and black.

Royal brand wooden steak markers, plastic steak markers, and allergy picks will save you money and help prevent costly and serious serving mistakes. A small touch that can pay off big!

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Available in wood or plastic styles, wood steak markers have a raised imprint that denotes the cook of the steak. They are made form durable, eco-friendly, all-natural wood. Plastic markers also have a raised imprint and are made from flexible, food grade, plastic material. 


Available in wood or 5 colors (black, blue, brown, red, and white) plus a special plastic allergy food marker (pink) is also for sale. Royal plastic steak markers, wooden steak markers and allergy picks look and work great.  Shop today!