Disposable Cups and Accessories

Made from disposable materials, CiboWares selection of hot and cold cups, lids, cup sleeves, stirrers and barware are ideal for any restaurant, bar or food service business.

Disposable Cups and Accessories

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Take-out businesses can't do without disposable cups, lids, straws, and stirrers. From the smallest party to food trucks or any business where customers are on the go, hot and cold cups and lids are always handy.

Whether you need clear plastic cups for cold drinks or thick paper cups for hot drinks, we have you covered. Don't forget the drink condiments, straws, stirrers, coffee plugs and cup sleeves! They are must-haves to give your customer exactly what they need to enjoy every drink, every time.


Hot and Cold Cups: 

Hot cups are the perfect choice for establishment's serving up cups of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more! Insulated cups feature a patented paper process for insulation to keep beverages tasting fresh and piping hot. Regular hot cups are polylined and are guaranteed to prevent beverages from soaking through cups and burning customers or ruining clothing. Durable, they reduce the need for foodservice establishment's to double cup disposable hot cups to save them time and money during beverage service. Translucent cups are made from quality plastic and can be used to serve up cold beverages. PET cups feature a rolled rim to make snapping on lids a breeze, and cold cups have a double-sided polycoated paper construction that makes them the perfect choice for serving sodas, water, juice, and other beverages. Don't settle for boring cups, use reusable themed thermo cups to impress young diners and bring some fun to any table. They come with tight-fitting lids and convenient straws to ensure young customers have a quality dining experience. Cup lids are available to help prevent leaks and spills and keep beverages free from contaminants. 


Cup Sleeves: 

Corrugated kraft paper cup sleeves are an absolute must-have to protect customer's hands from hot cups and beverages. They easily slide over disposable cups and are available in plain or "Enjoy :)" styles. 



Stirrers and Straws: 

Coffee lid stir and plug sticks can be used to stir beverages and plug lids to retain beverage heat, and bamboo, wood, and plastic coffee str sticks are perfect for stirring milk, cream, and sugar into coffee and tea. Use straw dispensers at restaurants, takeout locations, concession stands, and more to easily dispense straws and allow customers to enjoy refreshing beverages on the go. Our selection of jumbo, fireworks, giant, sip, paper fruit, and spoon straws are ideal for sipping everything from thick milkshakes and floats to juice and lemonade. Individually wrapped straws are available for maximum convenience.






















  • Insulated Paper Hot Cup Sizes: 8 oz. - 20 oz. 
  • Paper Hot Cup Sizes: 10 oz. - 20 oz. 
  • Translucent Cup Sizes: 3 oz. - 16 oz. 
  • Paper Cold Cup Sizes: 5 oz. - 16 oz. 
  • PET Cup Sizes: 12 oz. - 24 oz. 
  • Thermo Cup Sizes: 10 and 12 oz. 














  • Material: Corrugated kraft paper
  • Size: Fits standard 12-24 oz. paper hot beverage cups
  • Designs: Plain and "Enjoy :)"
  • Custom printing available on large quantity orders



  • Stir N Plug Stix
  • Beverage plugs
  • Wood stir sticks
  • Plastic ball end stirrers
  • Bamboo stir sticks
  • Bamboo coffee stirrers
  • Bulk and wrapped straw dispensers
  • Jumbo spoon straws
  • Jumbo straws
  • Foil fireworks drinking straws
  • Giant straws
  • Sip straws
  • Sipsters