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What Does FDA Approved Mean?

FDA Approval is provided by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This is a federal government agency that is responsible for protecting public health by ensuring that food, drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics are safe and properly labeled. Part of ensuring the food is safe is overseeing food packaging, this includes takeout containers, cutlery, cups, skewers and any other products that come into contact with food. They also make sure that these products are not harmful to the environment.

What does FDA approved actually mean?

We can proudly say that all of Cibowares' products meet FDA approved guidelines for food contact, meaning they are safe to use with food. The terminology often used for this is just shortened to FDA approved. But what does that actually mean?

One way the FDA regulates takeout packaging and takeout disposables is by setting standards for how these products are made. For example, they make sure that takeout packaging is made from materials that are safe for food contact and that they do not contain any harmful chemicals. The FDA also makes sure that takeout disposables, like plates and cups, are made from materials that are safe for food contact.

Products may also be labeled as FDA compliant, which also means they meet FDA standards and indicate that the product is made from food-grade material. These regulations and standards are in place to ensure products are safe for use and determine how materials should be safely used around food.

What else does the FDA do in the takeout industry?

The FDA is also responsible for setting the regulations in the Food code. This is the code that city and state health departments refer to when inspecting restaurants, cafes, diners and other food establishments. The health departments go to great lengths to make sure food service businesses are following the rules and regulations for takeout packaging and disposables. If they find any violations of the FDA's food code, they may issue warnings or fines.

In addition to regulating takeout packaging and disposables, the FDA also monitors food recalls. If a company discovers that their food product may be harmful to consumers, they are required to notify the FDA. The FDA then works with the company to remove the product from store shelves and inform the public about the recall.

Other takeout packaging standards

While all of the products you in your food establishment need to be FDA approved for food contact that may not be the only regulation you need to look out for. There are also local and state laws surrounding what materials can and can't be used for disposables in the restaurant industry. A good example of this is the PFAS State Bans in California, Washington, Vermont, Hawaii, Colarado, Rhode Island, Maryland, Minnesota and New York. While the FDA allows containers that have intentionally added PFAS in the US, these states have banned all food packaging that contains intentionally added PFAS.


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