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Protect Hands from Common Chemicals with Chemical Resistant Gloves

When cooking, cleaning, or doing mechanical work, it is important to choose disposable gloves that can withstand any chemicals you may come into contact with. From vegetable oil to brake fluid, Cibowares’ quality disposable gloves offer reliable protection from a variety of common chemicals and contaminants. Select the best products for your needs with this handy guide.

Animal Fats & Poultry

When prepping meat, coming into contact with poultry products and animal fats is common. Nitrile gloves have excellent resistance to these contaminants, and are the best choice for those working in the foodservice industry. Latex gloves offer fair resistance, while gloves made from vinyl are not recommended for these tasks.

Fish & Shellfish

Those working in foodservice environments may come into contact with seafood. Both latex and vinyl gloves offer fair resistance to fish and shellfish products, but nitrile gloves offer the best protection and are the recommended choice.

Vegetable Oil

Frequently used in food service locations, cooking pasta, vegetables, and other food items in vegetable oil is common. While latex gloves are not suitable for handling this product, vinyl gloves offer better resistance. Gloves made from nitrile are ideal and offer excellent resistance.


Used to sanitize and disinfect surfaces in both healthcare facilities and foodservice locations, this chemical is ideal for preventing the spread of pathogens or bacteria. Gloves made from nitrile, latex, or vinyl all offer excellent resistance.

Household Detergents

Laundry and dish detergents are commonly used in both medical and foodservice environments, or just for general cleaning. It is important to wear gloves that can resist these chemicals. Our latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves are all up to the task.

Brake Fluid

In mechanical or industrial environments, workers may frequently come into contact with this automotive chemical. Gloves made from latex and vinyl both offer fair resistance, while nitrile gloves offer excellent resistance.

Diesel Fluid

Another chemical commonly found in mechanical environments, those handling diesel should use nitrile gloves for tasks involving this chemical.


Reliable, high-quality disposable gloves are needed for mechanics and others who frequently come into contact with gasoline. Nitrile gloves are the best choice as they offer excellent resistance. Vinyl gloves also offer fair resistance, while latex gloves are not recommended for this purpose.

Whether you work in a foodservice or mechanical environment, Cibowares has effective, quality gloves for any task.

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