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Baking Cups Buying Guide

CiboWares’ selection of oven safe baking cups are guaranteed to keep your baked goods tasting delicious, and minimize the time-consuming scrubbing and cleaning of pans after use.


Fluted Baking Cups

Take consumables fresh out the oven straight to your customers with these fluted baking cups. Easy to clean, they feature a unique de-nesting feature that allows for easy separation of the cups when stacked. Perfect for quick baking and presenting signature cupcakes and muffins in a professional manner, these baking cups come in a specially designed package that keeps them clean and ready for use.
Material: Dry wax treated paper
Sizes: 3”, 3.5”, 4.5”, 5.5”, 6”

Colors: White
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3" Mini
Diameter: 3"
Bottom: 1-¼”
Wall: ⅞”
Volume: ¾ oz
Uses: Small chocolate covered caramels, small cupcakes & muffins

3.5" Mini
Diameter: 3-½”
Bottom: 1-½”
Wall: 1”
Volume: 1 oz
Uses: Small chocolate covered caramels, small cupcakes & muffins

4.5” Standard (Most Popular)
Diameter: 4-½”
Bottom: 2”
Wall: 1-¼”
Volume: 2 oz
Uses: Traditional sized cupcakes & muffins

5.5” Standard
Diameter: 5-½”
Bottom: 2”
Wall: 1-¾”
Volume: 3-½ oz
Uses: Traditional sized cupcakes & muffins

6” Jumbo
Diameter: 6”
Bottom: 2-¼”
Wall: 1-⅞”
Volume: 5 oz
Uses: Jumbo gourmet cupcakes & muffins

Tulip Baking Cups

Featuring an elegant tulip shaped design, these baking cups are oven safe and can withstand temperatures up to 425 degrees. Able to instantly enhance the presentation of any food item, they are guaranteed to keep food fresh and delicious.
Material: Grease-proof paper
Sizes: Small, medium and large
Colors: Brown, white and red

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Bottom: 2"
Wall: 2 to 3-3/16”
Volume: 2 oz
Uses: Small cupcakes & muffins

Bottom: 2"
Wall: 2-1/8 to 3-3/8"
Volume: 3 oz
Uses: Medium cupcakes & muffins

Bottom: 2"
Wall: 2-3/4 to 3-7/8"
Volume: 4 oz
Uses: Large cupcakes & muffins

Why Use Baking Cups?

  • They keep pans clean and batter free.
  • They retain moisture so that your culinary creations have a moist, delicious texture.
  • Baking cups keep baked goods from crumbling and help retain their shape.
  • They promote cleanliness, the baking cup helps to prevent germs from reaching the product.
  • Baking cups give baked goods a unique, fun, and distinctive look that customers are sure to love.

Tips For Baking With Baking Cups

  • Don’t overfill the baking cups, when batter rises in the oven it can cause the batter to spill over the edge of the baking cup and make a huge mess on the pan. As a general rule, fill the batter about 2/3 full or as written in the recipe.
  • Try to evenly distribute the batter among the cups, it will make your baked goods look uniform.
  • If oil is leaking through the cups onto the pan, try doubling baking cups.
  • If your baked goods are crumbling when you peel away the cup, try lightly spraying baking cups with nonstick cooking spray.
  • Wait until baked goods are cool and at room temperature before storing them. Hot products in storage can cause the cups to peel away from the product.


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