Keeping Kids Busy And Parents Happycrayons on a kids menu coloring sheet

Keeping Kids Busy And Parents Happy

Don't forget the kids! When serving customers at your restaurant, diner, or other establishment, it is important to be prepared for even your youngest guests. Make meals fun for young diners and relaxing for their parents with CiboWares’ wide selection of kid-friendly products. Read on to learn some of our tips and tricks for serving families.

Designing Fun Kids Menus
If you operate a family restaurant, a kids menu is a must. Use colorful graphics in your design and include kid-sized portions of popular meals.

Want to impress and entertain young guests? Print your menu on one of our colorful activity sheets. Filled with fun activities, these placemats are able to be customized with your restaurant’s menu, logo, or other designs.

Encouraging Creativity
No matter how quick your service is, hungry kids can easily get bored while waiting for their food. Keep them busy, entertained, and using their imaginations with CiboWares’ collection of colorful crayons. Kids can color activity sheets, draw their own pictures, or play a quick game of Tic-Tac-Toe with mom or dad. Along with our regular rounded crayons, we also offer honeycomb crayons that will never roll off the table.

You can also pair crayons with our Kids Caps. While waiting to eat, young diners can color the fun animals. Once finished, they can unfold their creations and wear them. With crayons, activity sheets, and other kid-friendly products, children can have a fun dining experience while their parents enjoy your restaurant. Creating a Kid-Friendly Environment
Keep kids happy and clean by offering kid-friendly supplies. Try setting tables with kids placemats and cups! Our Kids Cups feature fun designs and a reliable lid and straw to prevent spills. Napkins are a must to help clean up spills or hands after eating messy foods. For younger kids, we also offer bibs with a crumb-catching design.

Here at CiboWares, we are committed to helping you create a safe, comfortable environment for guests of all ages. From crayons to tableware, we’re here to help!

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