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Making Your Restaurant Family Friendly

Whether you’re rebranding an establishment or simply trying to attract new customers, making an establishment family friendly requires some changes in menu, furniture and accessories. Of course, creating this type of environment doesn’t require an overhaul of your establishment. Even the slightest adjustments that maximize convenience for parents and entertainment for children can do wonders for your establishment. Today, we’re going to discuss ways to make your restaurant family friendly.

The Menu

While it might seem obvious, creating a kids menu is one of the best ways to attract families to your restaurant. Make sure to include kid-friendly items, such as chicken fingers and fries. Apple juice and milk are excellent alternatives to soda. Nowadays parents look up menus online when deciding to try a new restaurant, so be sure to have yours easily accessible on your site.


It’s easy to forget that families aren’t the ones to be making dinner reservations for 9 at night (if anything, that’s past many bedtimes!). Hosting family-friendly events earlier in the day is a great way to attract a new customer base. This is a great time to show off your children’s menu while also providing some creative dishes for the parents. Once family hours are over, you can take an hour to regroup and prepare for your peak dinner hours.


CiboWares provides many accessories and supplies that can add some variety to kid meals and beverages. Try topping off burgers and sandwiches with some fun picks and skewers such as our functioning foil pinwheel party picks. If you’re hosting a themed family event, you can’t go wrong with our sword picks or our mega frills party picks. Of course, be sure to use caution when using picks around younger children. Waiters should ask parents if these accessories are alright, and to notify kitchen staff if they aren’t.

When it comes to kids beverages, there’s nothing more boring than traditional straws. Our assorted paper fruit straws come in six different fruit styles and are sure to grab the attention of every child. Rely on our fireworks drinking straws to add a spark to every kid’s drink. If you’re serving slushies or extra-large drinks the entire family can share, serve them with jumbo spoon straws.

Even before their food is served, keep kids entertained with children's activity placemats and crayons. Our coloring crayons are available in a variety of packages. Bulk crayons are a perfect way to maintain a constant supply. Just fill some cups with a handful of crayons and you're ready to go. We also carry 2, 3 and 4 crayon packs to hand out, so kids can bring them home after their meal. Standard rounded crayons are available, but we also carry Honeycomb crayons. These hexagonal shaped crayons have flat surfaces which stop them from rolling off the table. This means kids can color without interruption, and leave a little less of a mess behind them!

Staff Training

Employees at your restaurant need to understand how to create a family-friendly experience apart from “being nice to children.” Make sure hosts understand that fitting a family of five at a small booth isn’t going to work. More space is better with multiple children, and during off-peak hours available tables shouldn’t be a problem. If the family includes a baby, hosts needs to offer high chairs. Waiters should be educated on more than the kid’s menu. Perhaps a child wants to try an adult menu item but with some modifications. In the case of a really picky child, waiters should know what menu items can easily be converted into kid-friendly dishes.

CiboWares is committed to providing our clients with only the highest-quality dining supplies. Whether you’re looking to create a family-friendly restaurant or simply upgrade your creations, our supplies cover a range of styles so you can create the atmosphere you’re after. Check out our buying guides for more information!


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