appetizers prepped with black prism picks in themtwo sizes of clear prism picks bunched up in glasses

Inspiring Uses for Prism Picks

Finding ways to add a simple elegance to your food establishment is no easy task. While decorations and menu items are essential, never underestimate the power of accessories. Prism picks, available in black and clear, feature a distinguished look that adds to the presentation of appetizers, beverages and more. Continue reading to pick up some inspiring uses for our prism picks.

About our Prism Picks

Made from high quality plastic, our prism picks are designed to give customers the elegant experience they deserve. As their name suggest, these picks have a prism shape. They taper to create a pointed end, making it easy to spear food items. Our products are disposable, making them a practical addition to your line of kitchen accessories. Available in 4” and 6”, we’re sure to have the right product to best fit your establishment’s needs.

Appetizers and Hors d’Oeuvres

Appetizer presentation is important for any event because it sets the tone for the rest of the meal. Prism picks are perfect for serving bite-size samples of meats and veggies. This allows guests to try multiple appetizers, giving you the flexibility to show off your establishment’s culinary range. Your guests will appreciate the mess free way of eating appetizers that our prism picks offer.


While our prism picks are great for starting off meals, their shape and size add a dash of style to any cocktail. By spearing an olive with a prism pick, you can easily create an elegant garnish for a martini. Spear citrus fruit, berries, or other fruit to create garnishes for fun tropical cocktails. Even sodas, juices and club sodas can benefit from lemon or lime slices placed on these stylish picks.


Elegance and style doesn’t have to be limited to dinner parties or happy hour. Our prism picks are perfect for adding style to a traditional sandwich, or enhancing the appearance of your specialty creations. Most important, they keep sandwiches from falling apart before they reach the customer!

Prism picks can also enhance the presentations of other lunchtime items as well. Large burgers loaded with cheese, lettuce and other toppings, can benefit from being served with prism picks. They’re also great for serving sliders so everyone at the table can dig in.


Serve desserts with prism picks to bring meals to a classy close. Prism picks are also great for serving samples of cakes and other baked goods at events where guests are on their feet. Ice cream, pudding and sherberts can be garnished with picks topped with cherries, strawberries, or other foods.

Prism picks are a simple and easy way to spice up the presentations of your beverages and dishes. They are just one of the many varieties of picks and skewers available for you to choose from. When it comes to capturing the elegance of your menu items, you can count on CiboWares to have the perfect product!


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