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Keeping Fingers Clean with Moist Towelettes

No customer wants a mess on their hands - literally. Whether you serve nachos or bite-size appetizers at your establishment, guests want to be able to enjoy their food without making trips to the restroom to wash their hands and face. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have moist towelettes readily available. Today we’re going to review the benefits of these products and how they can contribute to an overall pleasant customer experience.

All About Cleanliness

Customers expect the best experience when they walk into a food establishment. While every establishment is different, certain expectations including customer service and cleanliness are expected across the board. Customers take note of everything, from the way the hostess greets them to the table that has yet to be cleaned. While washcloths and towels are common items to wipe clean tables, customers might be wary of towels that appear to be overused. Do customers really want to sit at a table they know was cleaned with a dirty rag? Of course, there are ways to avoid these kinds of impressions. Make sure workers always switch out towels, wash towels after use or stick to single-use disposable cleaning cloths.

When we look at cleanliness from the point of view of your customers, the last thing they would want to do is make a mess at your food establishment. Most customers don’t like to go out of their way to create extra work for their waiter, nor do they want to embarrass themselves by leaving piles of napkins. It’s during these times that moist towelettes are most useful.

Moist towelettes are a simple yet discreet product for customers to wipe their hands and face during their meal. They give customers the chance to feel “refreshed,” either between courses or to wrap up an excellent meal. For customers on the go, you can include moist towelettes in along with your takeout packaging to save customers the worry of wasting napkins at home. Whether you’re serving messy foods like hot wings or simply want to drive home your establishment’s dedication to cleanliness, moist towelettes are a perfect solution.

About our Moist Towelettes

We at CiboWares are happy to provide our customers with a variety of moist towelette products. Our standard Moist Towelettes feature a refreshing lemon scent and save guests an extra trip to the restroom. Give your customers the royal treatment with our Ultimate Fingerbowls. These pre-moistened wipes are large enough for customers to clean their face and hands. Don’t forget to stock your first-aid kit with our anti-bacterial First Aid Towelettes, designed for treating cuts and minor wounds free of stinging.

CiboWares carries all the cleaning supplies you need to keep your establishment looking good from opening to close. Keep your equipment running like new with our grill pads and sponges. Dress your staff in our aprons, hairnets and gloves to prevent food contamination while ensuring safety. Browse our online catalog and buying guides to find the right supplies for your establishment!


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