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Deli Containers You Just Can't Live Without

Whether you run a concession stand, restaurant or any other food establishment, few items are as essential as plastic deli containers. Among their many uses are food storage, organization and takeout packaging. While many establishments today recognize the importance of stylish dinnerware, it’s important to not forget the basic needs that deli containers address. That’s why today, we’re listing the reasons why you just can’t live without deli containers!

About Our Deli Containers

Cibowares provides a line of deli containers that are sure to address any establishment’s needs. Featuring a clear body and tight-fitting lid, our deli containers are designed to prevent spills and leaks. Our containers are safe for dishwasher, freezer and microwave use, making them a reliable product that can be used time after time. Whether you’re looking to store leftover garlic cloves or prepare for an upcoming event, our deli containers are available in sizes ranging from 8 oz to 32 oz. Don’t forget that our containers are made from BPA-free plastic, making them an excellent choice over the competition.

Now that you know more about our deli containers, it’s time to see how they can be put to use at your food establishment.


When it’s time to prepare meals, deli containers are great for organizing ingredients. If you’re preparing breaded poultry or fish, for example, set out egg dip, flour, bread crumbs and other seasonings in small-size containers. These containers are also great for mixing ingredients to prepare dips and dressings. Though your kitchen may be stocked with mixing bowls of all sizes, don’t forget that deli containers offer a quick alternative during those busy shifts or unexpected meal preps.

Food Storage

Deli containers are perfect for keeping your kitchen organized. Prepare veggies, raw meat or other ingredients beforehand and store them in your refrigerator. The container’s see-through body makes it easy for employees to find what they need, although proper labeling should still be used. You can trust our containers to hold up in freezers for long-term storage. Of course, all food standards and regulations still apply, so be sure to review health codes to ensure you’re storing food properly.


Deli containers are a great way for employees to keep track of supplies. Use them to store markers and pens for labeling containers. Chefs can use these containers to hold picks and skewers. Keep the front register free of loose pencils, highlighters and paper clips. Even when it comes to your office, deli containers are a great way to keep supplies organized. Never worry about a drawer full of tangled rubber bands and binder clips again!

Takeout Packaging

The many uses of deli containers aren’t limited to the kitchen! They’re the perfect choice for packing up leftovers or takeout orders. Customers can drive home knowing the container lids don’t pop off at the slightest bump. They’re designed to lock in heat so food doesn’t cool down on the ride home. Again, their clear body makes identifying orders easy. For soups and other food that’s best served hot, simply place the entire container into the microwave.

As their name would imply, deli containers are ideal for packaging pasta salads, pickles, and all sorts of deli products, but they’ll come in handy just about anywhere! Give them a try and find out just how helpful they can be at your business.


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