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The Essential Products for Any Burger Joint

Serve up classic burgers with lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mustard, or add in some aioli, mushrooms, peppers, blue cheese, and other fun ingredients at your burger joint for some added flavor and fun! Serve up delicious burgers with CiboWares’ selection of quality products. We have everything you need to store and serve burgers with ease for maximum convenience. Keep reading to find out about all the products we have to make your burger joint a smash hit with customers!

Present Juicy Burgers with Style

Impress customers with quality presentation and keep them coming back for more with CiboWares’ selection of burger products!

Use palm leaf platters to display burgers and sides of fries or onion rings in a new and stylish way! Its sloped sides keeps large orders from spilling out. Serving up dill, mayo, ketchup, or hot sauces with fries and hamburgers? Use portion cups! They are perfect for serving up sauces on the side.

Layering on tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, pulled pork, sauces, and thick patties? Use our selection of bamboo, wood, and plastic picks & skewers to keep burgers together and to create a stylish presentation. Bamboo knot, and paddle picks are ideal for giving burgers a more elegant and stylish presentation. Looking for some fun and colorful picks? Check out our ball end picks and our novelty picks.

Our eco-friendly tableware is another great way to display delicious burgers. Use palm, bamboo, and sugarcane plates to display burgers and sides, and promote a “green” and eco-friendly feel at your establishment.

Easy Breezy Takeout

Takeout is a must-have for any burger joint to accommodate customers looking for a quality meal on the go, and sugarcane containers are a great option.

Use hamburger disposable sugarcane clamshells to display individual burgers with ease! Small enough for individual burgers, they help prevent burger ingredients from falling off during transport to ensure customers receive their burger in perfect condition. They are eco-friendly, resistant to oils and have an attached lid for maximum convenience.

For combo meals with fries or onion rings, use compartment disposable sugarcane clamshells to accommodate larger orders with ease. The three compartment styles are also available to keep sauces, sides, and burgers separated. Prevent sauces from spilling in containers by using portion cups. Durable, they are guaranteed to keep sauces fresh and ready for dipping.

For customers ordering up multiple takeout orders, use our selection of ‘Thank You’ and plain take-out bags to stack containers and allow customers to carry out large orders with ease. Durable, and with convenient handles, they are guaranteed to impress.

Quality Storage

Storing raw patties and ingredients prior to use is essential to prevent food contamination and keep food items fresh and ready for use.

Use full size poly pans to hold raw hamburger patties with ease, and use our selection of food wraps and papers to wrap up individual patties before serving so you can simply pop them on the grill and serve!

Food containers and boxes can be used to hold toppings and raw ingredients to keep them fresh and ready for use. They can be used to hold sauces and hamburger toppings to allow workers to simply grab toppings and serve up burgers in a timely manner.


No establishment would be complete without durable napkins and colorful straws. And don’t forget the condiments! From salt packets and salad dressing, to dipping sauces and ketchup, condiment packets are a handy take-out or dine-in option.

To make sure your food tastes its best, you should keep your fry oil fresh with filtration products, and keep grills sparkling clean with grill cleaning supplies. Don’t settle for mediocre cleaning, use CiboWare’s products to get the job done.

Store and serve up delicious burgers with ease with CiboWares’ selection of premium quality products.


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