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Fourth of July Food Trends!

Celebrate Fourth of July this year with products from CiboWares! From fun and festive picks to colorful napkins and elegant glasses, we have all the supplies needed to cook tasty dishes for this fun and patriotic holiday!

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

Nothing says Fourth of July like fun and colorful themed products!

Use our selection of American flag picks to add some patriotism to classic hamburgers and sandwiches, or use red, white, and blue bamboo ball picks on appetizers, entrees, and delicious desserts! Party picks are another great way to celebrate this holiday. Use foil mega frills, foil pinwheel, and foil fireworks party picks to add some extra pizazz and festivity to meals.

Dinner and beverage napkins are essential when serving food and drinks, but they’re a great way to add a pop of color too. Use white and red dinner napkins, blue beverage napkins, or choose the red gingham beverage napkins for that classic American look. Designed to keep surfaces safe from beverage glass condensation and spills or sauces, they are guaranteed to enhance the look of place settings.

No place setting would be complete without placemats! Use red, white, and blue placemats to enhance the look of tables and protect tabletops from messy spills. Straws are another must-have to serve with festive floats and milkshakes! From giant straws to sip straws, pick the perfect straw for your sodas, juice or cocktails with ease!

Trendy Beverages

Add some fun and exciting beverages to your menu to celebrate Fourth of July!

Serve up delicious American themed milkshakes with our selection of after dinner glasses! Get into the Fourth of July spirit with red, white, and blue layers of sorbet, ice cream or fruit, and top them off with whipped cream and - you guessed it - red, white, and blue sprinkles. Food coloring can also be used to spruce up your ice cream and whipped cream. Make sure to top these off with our selection of giant straws for easy sipping!

Add some new flavors to your drinks menu with strawberry daiquiris. Serve them up in our selection of cocktail or margarita glasses to give these bright red beverages an elegant look. Be sure to garnish with a fresh strawberry or lime for added presentation and flavor!

Add some extra patriotism to cocktails by adding food coloring, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and even red, white, and blue colored poprocks and candy to the rims of glasses to give cocktails some extra flavor and style for the holiday!

Top off your beverage menu with a classic, floats! Use strawberry, blueberry, or vanilla ice cream, colored pop rocks, sodas, strawberry or blueberry syrups, and other red, white, and blue colored candy to create the ultimate creamy and delicious Fourth of July themed float!

Stick with the Classics

Trendy Fourth of July dishes still consist of many classics that customers are sure to love!

Serve up barbecue steaks, hamburgers, and hotdogs with our selection of eco-friendly tableware! Sugarcane is the most cost efficient option, but bamboo and palm are also wonderful options with elegant designs that are sure to impress. Eco-friendly and disposable, they are guaranteed to reduce time spent cleaning up after service. Looking for a non-disposable option? Choose the perfect plate for your business.

Potato salad and coleslaw are some other Fourth of July favorites! If you need to prepare small servings of coleslaw in advance, portion cups are the perfect solution. If you’ll have larger portions, serve them up in our sugarcane bowls with one of our disposable cutlery options. Looking for a non-disposable option? From loaded baked potato salad to blue cheese coleslaw, give classic dishes a unique look with CiboWares’ selection of quality bowls and cutlery.

Grill up some delicious corn-on-the-cob with our selection of thick wood skewers. Perfectly designed to skewer cobs with ease, they are ideal for use on grills or in the oven, and are durable enough to stand up to heavier dishes. Add some extra flavor to traditional corn-on-the-cobs by creating delicious bacon wrapped or garlic and cheese cobs. Top cobs with chips and sauces of choice to add some kick to traditional flavors, and add an element of fun to meals!

The Grand Finale

Apple pie is still the chosen favorite of the holiday. Use our round foil pie pans to prepare and serve up pies with ease. Serve slices on our bamboo cocktail plates or our square sugarcane disposable plates to give fresh and delicious pie slices an eye catching presentation.

Add some style to barbecues and Fourth of July festivities with CiboWares’ selection of premium quality products.


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