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The Perfect Products for Any French Fry Truck

Fry up delicious house-made fries with CiboWares’ selection of french fry products! Fry trucks are becoming a popular option for a fun and quick meal. Having the right supplies is a must to keep fries and other food items looking delicious, and they’ll help you stay organized and ready to serve hungry customers! Keep reading to find all the supplies you’ll need to make your french fry truck a success.

Durable Cutlery

No french fry truck would be complete without quality disposable cutlery to allow customers to eat tasty fries in style and on the go!

Use two prong wood forks to easily skewer and eat fries. Featuring a durable and splinter-free design, they are a great disposable option for any fry truck. Disposable forks are available in a variety of colors and styles, they are guaranteed to stand up to even the toughest and messiest of fry dishes with ease.

Fries on the Go

Many customers choose to take fries with them on the go, so use CiboWares selection of takeout products to make takeout orders a snap!

French fry take-out cartons are a wonderful option to serve orders of fries with ease. Easy to handle, they store flat to help save valuable storage space and have an attractive pathways design to suit any truck.

Looking for a great option for fries with gravy or the works? Use our selection of durable food trays to serve up messier fry dishes with ease. With a leak resistant seal, they are ideal for sauce-heavy orders. If you’re looking for a more stylish option, try bamboo or wood serving boats paired with food wraps and papers to prevent messy gravy, ranch, dill, or mayo sauce leaks. Plus, bamboo serving boats offer an eco-friendly option for “green” or eco-conscious establishments and customers.

For smaller portions of fries, use fun and stylish tasting cones! Easy for a grab and go order, they are another great eco-friendly option for any fry establishment. Smaller tasting cones can also be used to hold sides of gravy or ketchup, and can be propped up right in with the fries.

For larger orders of fries, use our sugarcane takeout containers that are made for the eco-friendly! Featuring lids to prevent food, sauces, and toppings from falling out during transport, they are great for multiple orders on the go. Containers with multiple compartment are also available to keep sauces, coleslaw or sides, and fries separated for maximum convenience.

Keep takeout sauces on the side from spilling over dishes with portion cups and lids. Made from durable plastic, portion cups have lids available to keep sauces sealed and ready for dipping.

Other Takeout Essentials

Use our straw and napkin dispensers to make dispensing products for takeout a snap, or use individually wrapped straws to keep straws sanitary prior to customer use.

Hot and cold cups are another necessity for fry trucks. Use paper hot cups to serve up coffee, tea, and other hot beverages, and translucent cups for colder beverages such as juice and soda. Lids for both styles are available to keep beverages the perfect temperature and prevent unfortunate leaks or spills.

Protect the Fry Fryers!

Keep fries tasting fresh and smelling delicious by using CiboWares’ selection of fry oil filtration products to look after fryers and keep them ready for use.

Over time, food particles and residue build up in fryers, giving food an unpleasant taste and causing oil to smell smoky. Fry oil filtration products help to extend the life of fry oil, saving your fry truck money by reducing the amount of times you have to replace fry oil. Designed to filter out unwanted residue, filter sheets, envelopes, or discs are a must-have for any fry truck.

Remove tough stains, greases, and buildups from fryers with frydelite fryer and grill cleaner. Designed to promote a clean and hygienic cooking area, they help save time and effort spent cleaning.

Fries are a delicious dish that can be served in a variety of delicious ways, and CiboWares has all the supplies needed to make any fry dish a success. Check our our selection of food truck supplies to find just the right supplies for your food truck.


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