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The Perfect Products to Serve up Asian Cuisine

From dumplings and spring rolls to curry and pad thai noodles, CiboWares has a wide variety of products that will compliment any Asian restaurant.

Keep Orders Organized

Use our red Asian theme guest checks to keep track of orders with ease! These guest checks are available in single part booked styles and feature a red color with an Asian theme. They have 18 lines to allow servers to easily take down orders and also have space for servers to note the date, table, guests, and server. Servers can also record appetizers, soup/salad, entree, vegetable/potato, dessert, and beverage orders.

Keep your establishment looking organized and professional with quality guest checks.

Chopsticks Are a Must

Chopsticks are ideal to use with sushi, dumplings, pad thai and other noodles, and so much more! Our chopsticks are made from bamboo which makes them biodegradable. They are designed to let the dish’s flavor shine through and are also splinter-free to ensure customers have a comfortable dining experience.

Our classic red sleeved chopsticks are an elegant yet disposable option, and the purple sleeved chopsticks offer a bit of sophisticated flair. These sleeved chopsticks have two seperate rounded chopsticks held together in a paper sleeve, and they both feature chinese scripture that reads "Good Luck, Long Life, Good Health, and Well Being." Twin bamboo chopsticks are enclosed in a white sleeve and are conjoined at the top to keep chopstick pairs together. All of our chopsticks also feature useful instructions on the back of the sleeve for beginner chopstick users.

Add Some Flair to Any Order

Chinese zodiac placemats are a great option for Chinese restaurants! These placemats are made from ground wood paper and are biodegradable and recyclable. They feature “color fast” ink to prevent colors from running when wet and are processed chlorine free (PCF).

Don’t settle for less than stellar products! Use our selection of restaurant essentials such as napkins, picks and skewers, straws, and more to keep customers coming back for more delicious dishes.

Sending out an order for take-out? Use our selection of hinged lid, folded boxes and food cup eco take-out containers to make sure your meals get home safe. Worried sugarcane containers won’t cut it? PLA-lined hinged lid containers are specially designed for hot foods, and they’re compostable! Eco-friendly wood, bamboo and CPLA cutlery are also available.

Looking for more great ideas for your restaurant? Be sure to check out our “Dining” themed blog posts to find out more!

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