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Supplies Every Daycare Needs

Keeping your daycare organized while still making it fun for children can be a tough task. Luckily, here at CiboWares we have plenty of products and ideas to help keep your business running smoothly and create an environment that is friendly and exciting!

Serving Up Delicious Snacks

Use our selection of children’s poly bibs with clown and balloon designs to serve up any messy snack or treat - like ice cream! These bibs are waterproof and have a catch pocket on the bottom to prevent leaks or spills, letting children enjoy their fun treats with minimal mess.

Kids placemats are available in a wide variety of styles and are perfect for protecting surfaces from messy sauces or spills. Many placemats also have activities children can complete such as coloring and word searches for maximum fun! Made from ground wood paper, they are recyclable, biodegradable, and have color-fast ink to prevent colors from running when wet, making them a must-have for any daycare.

Use our selection of vibrantly colored beverage and dinner napkins to serve up snacks and clean up spills with ease. Baby wipes are the perfect option for cleaning messy faces or hands and come pre-moistened. Unscented and scented styles are available to suit any daycare center!

Serving up cups of milk, juice, water, or lemonade? Kids cups in thermo and collectible styles come with lids and straws to prevent beverages from spilling and makes it easy for youngsters to sip their cold beverages! These cups come in colorful and exciting Mexican, Imagination, and Jungle Friends Designs, making them perfect for serving children’s drinks.

Keep tables looking neat and tidy with banquet rolls! Made from waterproof plastic materials, they are perfect for preventing messy sauces and liquids from staining tables and have a cut-to-fit roll to suit any surface.

Keep Youngsters Entertained

Kids caps are not only great for restaurants, they can also be used at daycares to allow children to color and wear their colorful creations when they’re done! These caps have fish and animal designs to color in, and they have a soft crepe paper construction making them a comfortable option.

Having extra activity placemats on hand will also provide a quick option for keeping kids entertained. When you find yourself with unexpected extra time, have them complete the fun activities, puzzles or get them coloring the fun and imaginative designs.

Draw, color, and let youngsters use their imagination with crayons! Cello wrapped crayons are ideal for keeping crayons together, and honeycomb styles are perfect for preventing them from falling off tables. Different combinations of red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and brown crayons are available to choose from.

Clean Up Time!

Towels and wipes are a must for any daycare. Towel rolls are ideal for use in bathrooms so children can wipe their hands with ease. Cleaning up juice, milk, or water spills? Use catch-all towels. These towels have a lightweight design and are super absorbent to soak up messes with ease. They can also be easily rinsed out for repeated use. Medium towels are thicker than catch-all towels and come in a self-dispensing box to make reaching for towels a snap! Medium and pink diamond towels are ideal for wet wiping lunch tables and countertops with ease to keep your daycare clean and sanitary.

Scrub and scour everything from floors to pots and pans with our selection of scouring pads and sponges. A must-have for any business, they are perfect for cutting down on cleanup time so youngsters are not left unattended. 
Looking for more quality products for your child care center or daycare? Be sure to check out our selection of daycare supplies to find all the supplies you need to make your business a success.

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