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Get Ready for the Mother’s Day Rush - with Flair!

Mother’s Day is a busy time for restaurants as families take mothers out to enjoy a delicious meal, and spend some time together. Add some extra style and flair to Mother’s Day by adding new specials and decor to set the mood for this popular holiday.

Presentation is Everything

Show mothers you value their commitment to your business by adding in some fun and bright Mother’s Day decor to set the mood!

Our selection of table tents and reversible write on boards are perfect for advertising Mother’s Day events and specials at your establishment. Be sure to add some flowers or colorful designs for some added fun and flair!

Pink and white are the signature colors of Mother’s Day, so why not add them to place settings? Use white beverage and dinner napkins to add a clean and elegant look to beverages and meals, and pink or flower placemats to protect tabletops from leaks and spills.

Cocktail Picks are another must-have for any establishment and are ideal for use with Mother’s Day cupcakes, stacks of pancakes, or complimentary bite-sized treats after the meal. Use one of our pink picks to enhance the look of any delicious dish and promote a Mother’s Day theme!

Classic Brunch

Many customers may choose to take Mom out to brunch instead of dinner. Every breakfast (or brunch) table should have a selection of condiments. From sugar for their coffee, and jam for their toast, to syrup for their pancakes, make sure you’re stocked up on beverage and breakfast condiments.

Sticky buns, pecan rolls, and cinnamon rolls are guaranteed to bring some sweetness and flavor to any brunch. They can be served up with our palm or bamboo cocktail plates to give sweet treats a new and fresh look. Strawberry, marmalade, and blueberry-lemon muffins can be baked and served up in our selection of quality tulip style baking cups, and they are guaranteed to enhance the presentation of any moist and delicious muffin.

Delicious Dinner

Taking Mom's out to dinner on Mother’s Day is the most popular choice families make on Mother’s Day. Make sure your establishment is prepared by creating the perfect dinner special menu!

Salads are a great way to start off dinner, or serve as a main dish! Serve up spinach, bacon and avocado caesar, beef and tomato mint, or baja salads. Fish or chicken burgers are some other great options for entrees! Serve them up with Mom’s choice of fries, onion rings, or creamy mashed potatoes to create the perfect comfort food treat with a trendy twist. Serve burgers with green onions, microgreens, apples, peppers, or various cheeses to give them some new flavors. For fish burgers, try out housemade dill tartar sauce to give burgers a fresh and unique flavor.

Brown butter and spinach ravioli, veggie and goat cheese spaghetti, and chicken linguini are some great pasta options for Mother’s Day specials. Cook up pasta with ease with convenient pasta cookers to complete multiple pasta orders at a time.

Chicken dishes such as herb roasted chicken and pancetta chicken are also very popular on Mother’s Day. 

Tasty Treats

Top off a Mother’s Day meal with tasty treats such as pies, tarts, cake, cupcakes, and more!

Serve up delicious cream puffs with our eco-friendly and stylish tasting cones to give them a fresh and unique presentation. Serve up creamy chocolate-peanut-butter, chocolate raspberry, and coconut cream tarts or pies with 5” foil tart pans to offer the perfect personal serving!

Serving up vanilla sponge, chocolate layer, strawberry shortcake cheesecake, chocolate cream, or delicious coffee and almond cakes? Use our selection of foil cake pans to ensure even and quality baking - plus, fast and easy clean-up.

From beautiful colored napkins to serving up crispy burgers, CiboWares’ selection of products is up to any Mother’s Day service task.


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