strawberry icecream with a taster spoon insidestrawberry icecream with a taster spoon inside

Cool Things Off with Supplies for Your Ice Cream Parlor

Whether classic vanilla and chocolate or rocky road and birthday cake, serve up your delicious ice cream flavors with CiboWares’ selection of reliable products. From spoons and dishes to takeout products, we have everything you need to serve up your sweet (or savory!) cool treats with ease.

Sweet Samples

Serving up small samples of your sweet treats is a great way to help customers choose between mint, strawberry, oreo, and a vast assortment of other flavors! Use taster spoons to give out ice cream samples! Food safe and lightweight, they are easy to grip and ideal for allowing customers to experience small bites of ice cream or frozen yoghurt with ease.

Serve Up the Sweet Stuff

Offer customers napkins with their ice cream to prevent drips or spills from getting all over customers hands or staining clothing. Food wraps and papers can be used to wrap around ice cream cones to allow customers to have a firm grip on delicious treats. Food wraps and papers are also ideal for use with ice cream sandwiches to prevent messy ingredients or ice cream drips from getting all over customer’s hands.

Serving up ice cream in bowls? Use our selection of quality bowls to find just the right one for your establishment. Serving up milkshakes or parfaits? Use our selection of Disposable Cups to serve up lemon meringue or chocolate-peanut butter milkshakes, and cookies and cream or fruity granola parfaits with style. For elaborate sundaes like banana splits, strawberry shortcake, or hot fudge sundaes, use durable and functional banana split-relish dishes to give these ultimate sweet treats a classic presentation.

The Essentials

Choose from our selection of giant, or jumbo straws to serve up thick beverages such as milkshakes with ease! Durable and larger than traditional jumbo straws, giant straws allow for even easier sipping, so customers can enjoy their delicious icy beverage. Ideal for serving slushies, Jumbo spoon straws allow both sipping and scooping. Most of our straws also come individually wrapped to keep them sanitary and free from contamination prior to use.

Labels and dispensers are guaranteed to be an asset to any parlor to help keep ingredients and ice cream products fresh, and floor and safety mats can help protect workers from slipping on spilt ice cream or icy beverages.

Take Icy Goodness on the Go

Many customers may choose to take ice cream and other treats on the go to enjoy a beautiful day in the sun.

Use paper food containers to serve up scoops of ice cream on the go. From a small 8oz portion, to a sharable 32oz container, these have lids available to keep ice cream cool and prevent leaks or spills during transport. Individually wrapped disposable cutlery and paper wrapped wooden spoons are also available to serve up ice cream on the go, and keep spoons sanitary prior to use.

CiboWares’ selection of products is perfect for serving up any creamy ice cream cone or frozen treat.


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