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Ensure Quality Baking and Delivery with Our New Pizza Products!

From garlic chicken and vegetable pizzas to traditional pepperoni and cheese, every pizza parlor needs the proper supplies to ensure quality baking, serving, and efficient pizza delivery. Don’t settle for uneven baking or unattractive pizza slices, use CiboWares selection of pizza products to serve up delicious looking pizzas with ease.


Portioning and storing the dough appropriately is the first step towards making a delicious pizza. Use dough cutters to portion dough for pizza. Featuring Sani-Safe handles to ensure easy and safe use, they are a must-have to prevent the wastage of dough. Then store your dough in pizza dough boxes to keep it fresh and prevent crusting.


Use aluminum pizza pans and screens to ensure the even baking of pizzas in the oven. From regular to deep dish pizza styles, these pans and screens can accommodate any delicious pizza creation.

Remove hot pizzas from the oven with pizza peels or shallow pan grippers for shallow pans to ensure safe and easy handling. Employees will appreciate these convenient products as they allow for the quick removal of pizzas during busy hours, and help prevent unfortunate burns or injuries.

Slicing and Serving

Slice up pizzas in a flash with pizza cutters or pizza knives. Sharp enough to cut through thick crusts with ease, they are perfect for cutting even slices of pizza to ensure quality pizza presentation and service. No customer likes to see uneven pizza slices or destroyed pizza toppings!

For individual dine in or take-out orders, use pizza/pie servers to easily lift slices of pizza from pans without breaking them in half or destroying part of the crust. For take-out orders, serve up individual slices in our selection of pizza holders or Italian carryout cartons to protect pizzas from contaminants, and allow customers to easily eat them on the go.

Rest your pizzas pans on pizza tray stands to serve them up right on the table. Their design allows hot pizzas to cool gradually, protects your tables from the heat, and helps to save space at crowded tables so that everyone can reach for a slice with ease.

Easy Delivery

Running a delivery service depends on being able to transport pizzas to locations in perfect condition. No customer wants cheese or toppings spread all over their pizza box!

You don’t have to worry about stacking multiple pizza boxes if you use pizza stackers. They’ll prevent melted cheese or toppings from sticking to the top of the box, and ensure customers receive a quality product. Insulated food carriers and delivery bags help to keep pizzas piping hot and protect pizzas from outside contaminants. Able to accommodate multiple pizza boxes, they have a plastic outside identity pocket to help keep delivery destinations and orders organized.

CiboWares has all the products needed to prep, bake, and serve thick or thin slices with ease. Looking for more products for your pizza parlor? Be sure to check out our selection of pizza products and our Easy as Pie pizza parlor blog post.

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