rolled wrap appetizers with food picks in themrolled wrap appetizers with food picks in them

Creative Ways to Serve Up Appetizers

For any food establishment, presentation is key to creating an experience guests will remember. However, many people think fresh presentations require large budgets for upgrading tableware, utensils and other dining supplies. Fortunately, there are many quick and easy ways to spice up your presentations and give your guests something to talk about. Keep reading to learn new ways to get creative when serving your samples and appetizers.

Finger Food
When it comes to finger food, most people think of greasy or sticky hands. Try serving finger foods on picks or skewers for less mess! Kabob-style appetizers allow you to get creative with different food combinations, and offers customers a tidy eating experience. Skewer different combinations of cooked meats, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits to create appetizers that are tasty and easy to eat. No more sticky hands!

For small or sample items, try using tasting cones. Not only do these add style to the presentation, but also reduce cleanup time. Using a tasting cone allows people to easily enjoy their food and mingle with other guests. They are a creative alternative to using plates- which are often larger than necessary for offering a sample or taste of a dish.

Switching up how you present samples and appetizers is a simple and fun way to get creative. Serve salsa or dip in martini-style glasses instead of small cups. Serve pretzels or cookies in glass jars instead of on paper plates.

Upgrade to disposable plates and bowls by using supplies made with better-quality materials. Palm leaf or bamboo plates or bowls are high quality, and offer a more refined appearance than paper, plastic, or polystyrene. They are made from renewable resources, and are eco-friendly. Using palm or bamboo products instead of foam or plastic tableware is an easy way to show guests you care about the environment - without having to sacrifice convenience.

Different Shapes and Sizes
Changing the shape of your menu items is a great way to add seasonal flair to your menu. Try cutting pita or bread into candy canes or pumpkins to accompany hummus or olive oil. For non-holiday related ideas, serve open-faced sandwiches (they’re much better to look at than slices of bread). Try taking favorites like corn bread or popcorn and make mini bites for fun, delicious snacks.

Use fireworks party picks to serve appetizers for the Fourth of July. Serve cocktails with tropical fruit straws all summer long. Altering food and dinnerware shape also shows guests that your establishment enjoys holidays and celebrations as much as they do!

CiboWares has all the dining supplies you need to try out these serving ideas. Our serving boats, available in different sizes, are another option for samples and appetizers. If you’re in need of small-sized cutlery, we have tasting spoons and paper wrapped wooden spoons. You can add some color to your tables with our napkins to accompany your food. Finally, if you can’t avoid finger food that will leave your guests’ hands dirty, turn to our moist towelettes!

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