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Easy As Pie – Everything You Need To Run Your Pizza Parlor

No matter what the latest food trend is, there will always be a place for pizza parlors. Popular with kids and adults alike, starting a restaurant that serves pizza is always a smart bet.

Whether you’re the new spot in town, or you’ve been in business for a long time, you’ll need the proper equipment to make your business a success.

Here at CiboWares, we have everything you need, from basic restaurant supplies like take out bags and gloves, to pizza-specific stackers and containers, to make your job easier.

First, check your kitchen. Keep back-of-the-house stations clean and sanitary with hairnets, chef’s hats, or beanie chef caps, which offer a lightweight, breathable option when working around hot pizza ovens.

Avoid cross-contamination by insisting that everyone who works in the kitchen wear gloves regularly. With so many options, from extra large poly gloves to close-fitting vinyl gloves, you and your staff will be able to find the right glove for every need.

Next up, make sure the dining room is stocked with supplies. You’ll never miss an extra topping when your servers take down orders with guest checks and order pads, and your servers will be able to easily and effectively tally up customers bills without missing a beat.

You can never have too many napkins in storage, and keep extra straws in different spots throughout your restaurant to make it easy for servers and guests to grab when needed.

Takeout orders make up a large part of every pizza parlors business. Give your takeout customers everything they need to enjoy their meal outside of your restaurant with to go containers that will help keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold until your guest is ready to eat them. And for single slices of pizza, stock up on pizza slice holders, which make it easy to carry out a single slice in a no-mess, no-fuss container.

For whole pies, prevent melted cheese from sticking to the top of containers with plastic pizza stackers. These high-quality pizza savers can stand up to even the hottest pie, and won’t melt in the heat. Your guests will love this simple, extra touch that will make their experience with your restaurant even better.

Finally, be sure to keep enough take out bags on hand to pack up anything that your guest wants to take home. Available in a number of different sizes and shapes, you’ll be able to find the perfect one to meet your needs.


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