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Bamboo Plates - How They Are Made

CiboWares is proud to offer our customers with a variety of eco-friendly products. Bamboo, in particular, is known for its durability, resistance to splinters and stylish look. Of course, how these plates are made is just as interesting as their look and feel. Unlike the paper production process that requires the killing of trees, bamboo materials are collected without harming the plants themselves. Today, we’re going to review the process of how bamboo plates are made.

The Bamboo Process

Bamboo products are made from the part of the plant called the sheath. This is the protective outer layer of the bamboo’s culm that grows in young plants. Once the plant hits a certain maturity point, the sheath then falls off. Once the sheath is collected, it is cleaned and boiled. The sheath is next laminated into the necessary thickness for the desired product. The sheath is then pressed and bonded into the required shape. The process involves no use of chemicals or toxins.

How Bamboo Tableware is Made 

What makes this process environmentally sound is that the sheath naturally falls as part of the bamboo’s growth process. It’s collected right after falling and with no harm done to the bamboo plants. If the sheath were to be left alone, it would simply be absorbed back into the ground. This collection is similar to how palm leafs are collected after they fall from their trees, eliminating any direct impact on their growth or existence.

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About Our Bamboo Plates

The bamboo production process yields many products that offer advantages over traditional plastic, styrofoam and paper plates. Bamboo plates are highly durable, making them ideal for serving the heaviest of meals without risking bends, cracks or snaps. They’re microwave, oven and refrigerator safe, making them perfect for food businesses of all kinds. Their sleek, unique design adds a touch of style and personality to all culinary creations. Unlike plates made from other materials, bamboo plates are eco-friendly, making them a perfect addition to compost piles.

Our bamboo plates are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to best meet the needs and preferences of your establishment. Whether you run a catering business, food truck or high-end restaurant, bamboo plates are great for separating your business from the competition.

More Than Plates, More Than Bamboo

Bamboo makes for a great material for a variety of other dining supplies. When it comes to tableware products, our serving boats and tasting cones are ideal for serving bite-size appetizers and desserts. Our bamboo utensils are resistant to breaks, snaps and splinters. For cocktail garnishings, kabobs and skewers, turn to our line of bamboo display, knot and paddle picks. For coffee and tea, provide your customers with our expansion and contraction-resistant bamboo coffee stirrers.

Don’t forget that bamboo is just one of the eco-friendly materials used by Cibowares. Our tableware, skewers and more are also made from palm leaves, birch wood and sugarcane. Similar to bamboo, these products are eco-friendly, durable and splinter-resistant. Be sure to browse our catalogue to find the right products for your business today!

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