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The Perfect Supplies For Your Seafood Restaurant

Whether you’re serving up classic fish and chips or lobster dishes, CiboWares has a variety of products available to suit any seafood restaurant. From lobster bibs to mesh bags, enhance the look and taste of dishes with these quality seafood restaurant supplies.

Seafood Prep

Boil and prepare seafood with ease with mesh bags! These bags can hold shellfish, mussels, and clams and the whole bag can be boiled to help save prep time. They are made from plastic mesh fabric and have an open design with 100% breathability to ensure that food items stay fresh until use. These bags are available in a variety of colors to suit any restaurant theme.

Serve Dishes in Style

Serve up crab cakes, clams, and more with our selection of food shells! Crab shells are also available to display crab cakes, crab legs, and other crab dishes. Made from durable aluminum, these shells are oven and freezer safe. Food shells are perfect for storing pre-portioned food and serving directly out of the oven or freezer straight to your customers’ tables.

Bibs are a must for any seafood establishment! Eating juicy lobster and other seafood can be a messy experience for customers, so offer them our selection of poly or paper bibs so they can enjoy meals mess-free! Poly and paper bibs come in white, but are also available with crab or lobster designs to add some fun to seafood restaurants. Poly bibs are made from waterproof polyethylene and are super easy to clean. They easily tie behind the neck, and are also constructed with a catch-all pocket to protect customers’ laps. Paper bibs have a laminated back to ensure that liquids do not leak through the paper on the front of the bib and ruin customer’s clothing. Instead of tying them on, these bibs have an opening which allows you to quickly place the bib over your head.

Allow customers to customize meals and add some extra flavor to traditional fish and chips or other dishes with our selection of condiments. Vinegar is great for use on fish and fries, and tartar sauce is a staple of any seafood restaurant.

Serving up lemon wedges with seafood? Let your customers squeeze lemon juice onto their dishes with ease by using lemon wraps. Made from a fine mesh material, lemon wedge bags and wraps are designed to prevent seeds from falling into food and beverages.

The Perfect Way to End a Meal

Allow customers to clean their hands in comfort with ultimate fingerbowls and moist towelettes. Lemon-scented, they are individually wrapped and are a comfortable way to clean skin. Ultimate fingerbowls are lint-free for maximum convenience and can be placed in the microwave or refrigerator for use as a warm towel or cool wipe.

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