salad in a 9" x 6" molded fiber containermolded fiber takeout containers full of food

Takeout Containers for Every Food Truck

No food truck would be complete without quality takeout products to allow customers to enjoy a delicious meal on the go! Serve up everything from fries to dessert or ice cream with CiboWares' selection of quality carryout containers and trays to suit any food truck.


Prevent cheesy and gooey toppings from getting on customers hands or clothing with pizza slice holders and carryout cartons. Both quality products are designed to serve single slices of pizza with ease.

Pizza slice holders are perfect for customers who plan on eating pizza soon after ordering and allow customers to hold onto slices without coming in contact with messy toppings or sauces. They also have scored flaps for easy folding for maximum convenience. Pizza slice carryout cartons are ideal for transporting meals as they have a cover that protects the top of the pizza slice. They can be stored flat, making them the ideal choice for smaller food trucks.


From classic fries with mayo, ketchup, or dill dip to fries with the works, CiboWares has just the right carryout container to allow customers to enjoy fries on the go. Even fries with mushrooms, onions, hamburger, bacon bits, and gravy! Use our selection of food trays or take-out cartons to display portions of fries with elegance and style. Food trays are ideal for use with two prong wood forks due to their design. Take-out carton fry orders can also be paired with chicken strips or other finger foods for a great meal.

Larger Food Items

Serve up chicken tenders, sandwiches, and other larger food items with carryout containers to ensure the easy transport of heavier food items. Conveniently, they have handles to allow for easy handling and transport, and are durable enough to prevent unfortunate leaks or spills to ensure customer satisfaction.


Serve up dips, rolls, mains, and side dishes all in one dish with sugarcane take-out boxes. Three compartment clamshells are ideal for serving up large mains such as chicken, rice, or hamburgers with salads, dips, veggies, and other side dishes. Their design helps to keep food items separated and prevents sauces from spilling over other food items or dishes. Sugarcane containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and these might be best for holding single large portions of food items such as burgers, pasta, sandwiches, salads, rice, or chicken.

Sweet Treats

From classic vanilla to chocolate caramel peanut butter swirl, ice cream is a customer favorite during summer. Use our selection of napkins to wrap around ice cream cones, preventing sticky fingers. For those who avoid cones, use our paper food cups and wooden spoons to provide customers with a refreshing sweet treat on the go.

Mini donuts are another sweet treat - specially topped with powdered sugar, nuts, caramel and chocolate sauces, icing, or fruit! Serve up fresh mini donuts straight from the fryer with hinged deli containers. Because they’re transparent they allow customers to see the delectable treats inside, and they have a leak resistant design for maximum convenience.

From nachos to waffles, serving up takeout orders is a key part of any food truck, and CiboWares has a variety of products available to suit any takeout need. Looking for more products for easy food truck take-out? Check out our take-out packaging buying guide.


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