line of chafing dishes on a buffet table outdoorsline of chafing dishes on a buffet table outdoors

Supplies to Make Any Buffet a Success

Buffets can be a great option for restaurants, events, or hotels as they offer customers and guests the ability to pick out the dishes and portion sizes they’d prefer. From scrambled eggs and pancakes to chicken breasts and mashed potatoes, these are the supplies you’ll need to make any buffet a smash hit.

First things first, customers need to be able to easily access food and serve themselves without any hassle. Chafers or buffet kits are the ideal option as they allow customers to simply scoop out food items with serving spoons or utensils and move onto the next food item. Chafing Dishes and buffet kits are compatible with chafing fuel to keep food hot and ready to serve. Chafers also have convenient handles to make lifting and replacing lids a snap.

For salads, fruit, or toppings, serving spoons are an absolute must-have to ensure easy and convenient serving.

Trays and platters are ideal for displaying a variety of food items such as hors d'oeuvres, sushi or entree dishes with ease. A variety of styles are available to suit any buffet! 

Other Serving and Organizing Ideas
Pitchers are perfect for serving up everything from juice, soda, and beer, to cream for customers coffee or tea. From brown sugar for their coffee to hot sauce and ketchup, make sure condiment packets are on hand and keep them within reach with condiment dispensers.

To ensure organization in the kitchen, use cutlery bins to keep different cutlery separate and ready for service.

Electric food warmers are another great option for keeping food warm. They are compatible with steam tables and are used to keep cooked vegetables, scrambled eggs, and meat products piping hot and ready to serve.

Doilies are another great idea to enhance the look of table presentation. Their white color allows colorful dishes and beverages to stand out while protecting tabletops against leaks or spills, making them perfect for enhancing the look of place settings.

Easy Cleaning
For easy cleaning, use banquet rolls to prevent leaks or spills from ruining tabletops and surfaces. While we have a wide selection of non-disposable options, using disposable supplies such as cutlery, glasses, and tableware allows organizers or employees to simply throw them out after surface and avoid excess scrubbing and scouring. We also offer eco-friendly tableware and wooden cutlery, to help reduce waste.

Don’t settle for less than stellar products, use CiboWares selection of buffet products to keep customers coming back for more! To find out more about our selection of quality products, be sure to check out our chafing fuel buying guide and our selection of buffet supplies.


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