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Summer Food and Serving Trends

With gorgeous beach weather comes summer food trends and classics to liven up any pool party or BBQ. Fresh fruit, colorful dishes, and sweet desserts are in and CiboWares has all the products you need to serve up your summer menu with style.


Colorful Bowls

Bowls are rapidly becoming the new and trendy serving item as they allow for colorful presentation and variety of delicious ingredients. Try out poke, buddha, or smoothie bowls to add some freshness to any menu!

Classic poke bowls consist of raw cubed fish, rice, and seasoning of choice. Tofu, quinoa, salmon, tuna, soy sauce, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers are other ingredients that are frequently used in non-traditional poke bowls.

Use tomatoes, avocado, corn, bell peppers, black beans, tofu, couscous, cucumber, greek yogurt, and a wide variety of other ingredients to create the perfect buddha bowl. Consisting of grains, proteins, fruit and veggies, and creamy, fresh, or light toppings, these bowls are perfect for satisfying any taste bud and showcasing fresh ingredients and flavors.

Fresh fruit smoothies have long been the norm, but what about smoothie bowls? Filled with fresh fruit, seeds, yogurt, milk, yummy toppings and more, these bowls are the perfect way to showcase colorful ingredients. For some added fun, top with chocolate, nuts, honey, herbs, or oatmeal to give bowls some added flavor and texture.

Serve up these tasty bowls with CiboWares’ selection of sugarcane and palm bowls. Compostable and eco-friendly, they are guaranteed to give any bowl a stylish and elegant presentation. Want to add a little extra flair to dishes? Use heart bowls! Their adorable and dainty design is guaranteed to impress.


Sky High Desserts

Don’t settle for boring desserts, have some fun and experiment in the summer months! From classic sundaes and banana splits to puffle cones, fun smores, and over-the-top milkshakes, glasses are the perfect and popular way to serve up desserts too tall for traditional bowls. They also allow customers to see the many creamy layers of dessert, and create a new and fun presentation.

Serve up milkshakes and parfaits with ease with our selection of dessert glasses. Featuring endless creamy layers of ice cream, chocolate, or syrup topped with brownies, pieces of cake, candy bars, marshmallows, and more, over-the-top parfaits are the ultimate sweet treat. CiboWares’ selection of after dinner glassware have all the durability and functionality needed to stand up to any dessert you can dream up. Rustic jar glasses are another trendy way to serve up creamy desserts and feature a unique and distinctive design. To make sipping these crazy creations a breeze, use colorful giant red, jumbo spoon, or colossal neon straws. They’ll add some color and functionality to any fun beverage.

A classic that is found at every bonfire, s’mores are the king of summer desserts and are ideal for adding to your establishment’s summer dessert menu. Add some extra flair to classic s'mores by using cookies instead of graham crackers, or adding berries, honey, nuts, or pieces of candy bars to give your s’mores a new and fresh taste. For maximum fun, add a s’mores bar to your outdoor seating area to allow customers to create their own tasty s’more creation. 

Puffle cones are new and fun summer desserts that are an absolute must-try for any dessert lover. Usually served in trendy cones, these puffed egg-style waffles can be served with ice cream, chocolate, sugary sauces, candy toppings, and more! Top these yummy creations with a cherry and serve them up in style with CiboWares’ selection of wood and bamboo tasting cones. Durable and stylish, ditch boring presentation and impress guests with new and fresh tasting cones to go with your establishment’s new summer menu.

Reliable Classics

Everyone appreciates a nice cool cup of iced tea or lemonade on a hot summer’s day, and fresh salads, BBQs, or traditional sundaes are a great way to top off a day in the sun. Classic and reliable products are the perfect way to serve up classic dishes and give them a simple, yet elegant look.

Serve up cool beverages such as juice, iced tea, and lemonade with CiboWares’ selection of classic restaurant basics. A wide variety of styles are available to suit any beverage need. For a drink on the go, use disposable Cold cups to keep beverages cool and ready to serve.

You can never go wrong with a house made caesar, greek, or chef’s salad! Salads can include berries, watermelon, apples, nuts, and house-made vinaigrettes or dressings to add some extra flavor and freshness. Serving up salads at your buffet? Use serving spoons to make scooping and serving up salads a snap.

BBQ’s are always a hit with customers, so fire up the grill and serve up steak, corn on the cob, kabobs, or grilled veggies off your summer menu. Use always trendy and functional meat and serving forks to make turning over products on the grill a snap, and prevent delicious creations from falling off grills.

Top off customers meals with traditional summer desserts. Serve up delicious ice cream with CiboWares’ selection of bowls or food containers for take-out orders, and serve up banana splits in a traditional glass dish or give these sweet treats a new and fun look with palm leaf platters.


These always popular summer dishes are perfect for adding color and freshness to any meal. From chicken and beef to tomatoes, mushrooms, and crisp onions, these creations are ideal for any food service location. Take advantage of your establishment’s outdoor grill by grilling them to order, and use CiboWares’ selection of wood and bamboo skewers to give these delicious food items an elegant presentation.  

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