bakery display with food picks and doiliesbakery display with food picks and doilies

Presentation is Everything

It’s no secret that in the food industry, presentation is everything. From place settings to tableware, guests need to be impressed with the establishment’s setting and atmosphere just as much as the food itself. Of course, presentation means different things to different establishments. The creation of an elegant evening may be important to a caterer of a dinner party while pulling off a fun-filled night might be the goal of a family-friendly restaurant manager. Today, we’re going to discuss how you can use different products to create that perfect presentation and pull off a night your guests won’t forget!

Place Settings
Place settings are the first thing guests see when they first walk to their table. If you’re looking to create an elegant evening, there’s no going wrong with banquet tablecovers. Made from materials stronger than plastic, these covers protect against spills and stains while adding a shiny white sheen to any table. Including colored placemats in your settings is another great way to set the vibe you’re looking for. While solid colored mats may do the trick, patterned versions like the gold bordered or Chinese Zodiac placemats can take your presentation up a notch.

Appetizers are the first menu items guests are going to try at your establishment, and accessories like picks and skewers can certainly be used to your advantage. Bamboo knot picks and flat skewers, for example, are great ways to add a dose of elegance to finger foods while showing that you care about the environment. For more casual experiences, there’s nothing wrong with going with traditional wood skewers. If you’re looking to create fun experiences for your customers, try serving appetizers with Mega Frill picks or any other of our party picks.

Main Course
Guests come for the main courses, which is why the pressure is on to create memorable presentations. While porcelain and china tableware are great options, those made from bamboo and palm leaf can add a unique touch to your dishes. Both materials are lightweight yet durable, and their simple design adds a touch of elegance that doesn’t go overboard. These eco-friendly disposable bowls and plates are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate dishes of all types.

Desserts give establishments the opportunity to get creative with cakes, ice creams and other treats. This is also the final course and the final chance to leave a favorable impression in guests. Tasting cones, made from wood or bamboo, are lightweight yet durable products that can hold bite-sized treats or creamy mousses. Their portability also makes it easy for guests to mingle and start saying their goodbyes. While most establishments may rely on standard bowls, tasting cones are sure to stick out in guests’ minds long after they’ve left.

There are many ways to enhance the presentation of dishes. Whether you’re looking to include a unique accessory or serve dishes in unexpected tableware, the key here is originality. We understand that presentation is everything, which is why we’re here to provide our customers with products of the highest quality. No matter the type of food establishment you run, check out our site and find that perfect product today!


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