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How to Entertain Young Diners

According to Restaurant Business, millennial parents visit restaurants and spend more while dining than any other group of people. What's the number one thing they look for? Family friendliness!

Enjoying a restaurant as a family should be a treat for everyone. Keeping the kids stimulated and entertained during dinner can be a challenge if you're not prepared.

Restaurants should always have a few things on hand to help keep children happy. Things like restaurant crayons, activity pages, and coloring options are always fun.

At CiboWares, we take pride in providing all you'll need for kids' restaurant entertainment. From bulk crayons to restaurant kids' cups and bibs, we have options every child will love.

Read on to learn all about some of the best kids' activities and ideas to keep them entertained each time they dine.

Restaurant Crayons

If there's one thing most kids have in common, it's a love of crayons and coloring.

Children of all ages love coloring as a form of kids' entertainment and it's an activity that can keep them busy throughout their meal.

Best of all, any crayons will do! Whether you provide 3 crayons or 6, kids will find a way to entertain themselves. Proving them with fun activity pages or even a blank sheet of paper will provide endless entertainment.

Aside from coloring pages, Crayons have the added benefit of being useful for other types of activities. Kids can play games, like hangman or tic tac toe to keep busy or play with their family members.

When you purchase crayons from CiboWares, you have a selection of crayon supplies to choose from. You can choose from packs of 2, 3, 4, and 6 crayons depending on how many different colors you want to provide.

You can also choose our unique and fun double-ended crayons, which come with two colors on each crayon!

Fun Kid's Menus

It's important to make kids feel special in your establishment. So restaurant entertainment for kids should always include providing them with their own menu!

Giving kids their own menu will make them feel included and special in your restaurant. It may even make them more likely to request to eat at your restaurant when it comes time for their parents to pick a place to eat.

Best of all, you can have fun creating your kid's menu. Think of fun, silly names for your kid's meals that will make them smile and that are fun to say.

You can also create and design cute characters or mascots to decorate your menu with. Kids will associate these with your restaurant and it may make them happier to dine in your establishment.

You can also make the most of your kid's menus by putting fun activities and coloring areas on them. You can even provide a pack of reusable stickers for added fun. Reusable is better as it will continue to keep them busy.

Small Activities or Toys

While you may not be able to provide large or complicated toys or games for kids, it's always possible to keep them entertained with small items.

When it comes to kids' activity options, less can be more! Kids have such active imaginations that they do not always need elaborate items or plans to enjoy themselves.

Items like small puzzles or buildable toys are great options. Just to be on the safe side, try to look for items that are free of common allergens like latex, gluten, or nut oil byproducts.

Kids will likely be endlessly entertained by buildable toys, like blocks, or bendable sticks that allow them to create anything they want.

It's also prudent to consider how sturdy your activities are. If a child can easily break or destroy it you can always hand them another, but it never hurts to aim for stronger items.

Disposable Chef Hats

Our disposable chef hats were created with kids' imaginations in mind and are much more fun than the average coloring page or placemat!

These fun hats come with pictures of sea creatures and animals, like elephants, lions, and fish, for kids to color in. They can color them in traditional colors or let their creativity go wild and choose unusual or unique colors.

Coloring is fun for kids and can even help preschool-aged kids with things like improving motor coordination and developing hand strength.

Coloring also stimulates creativity, encourages self-expression, develops focus, and can help improve fine motor coordination. On top of that, it's just fun to color at any age!

These disposable chef hats are also soft and made of wearable crepe paper so they won't irritate children's heads. They also have the added benefit of helping to keep kids' hair out of their faces while they eat.

You also have options when ordering your disposable chef hats. You can choose between cases of 100 hats and 1,000 hats.

Need to order in bulk? No problem! When you buy more than 50 cases you'll receive special pricing as a thank you for your business.

Create Family Nights

One great way to ensure your smallest customers always want to come back to your restaurant is to make them the focus of the night.

Dedicating one or two nights a week to a "family night" is sure to make families know that their comfort and satisfaction are important to you.

Family night can make a big impression without having to be a complicated event for you and your staff.

This can be as small as creating a special, kid-friendly dessert only available on these nights. You can provide special ice cream flavors or a sundae bar.

You can also think out of the box and hire someone for 1-2 nights a week to make balloon art for kids or perform magic. Whatever you choose, just remember that simple adjustments can create big smiles.

Get Your Restaurant Crayons Today

Now you know some of the best ways to keep your tiniest diners entertained while they enjoy a meal with their family. When kids are happy, that means their parents are happy. Nothing is better than happy customers!

If you're looking to stock up on restaurant crayons and other items to keep children happy and stimulated while they dine, check out CiboWare's options. Visit our page full of kids' products to stock up on today.