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Game On! Celebrating Sporting Events at Your Establishment

Big events like the Super Bowl are a huge opportunity for food service establishments to host a game night and promote their business. From beer specials to all you can eat wings, prepare the perfect sport viewing party with CiboWares’ selection of quality products!

Set The Theme

Use the team colors to set the mood and add some fun to beverages, table settings, and food!

CiboWares has American, Mexican, and Italian flag picks available. Designed to look like mini versions of the country’s flags, they are ideal for use in sandwiches, hamburgers, small appetizers, and snacks when those countries are playing!

Football, baseball, basketball, golf tee, soccer, and tennis ball picks are perfect for use at a variety of different sporting events and are guaranteed to add some style to finger foods.

Our beverage and dinner napkins are available in a variety of colors and are perfect for promoting the team colors! If the teams have multiple different colors, use a variety of different colored napkins at tables to keep things colorful and fun!

Straws are available in a multitude of colors as well, making them ideal for representing team colors when paired with delicious beverages. If you’re looking for a green option, have a look at our eco-friendly straws.

Bring on the Beverages

Many customers may enjoy a beer or alcoholic beverage with friends while celebrating their favorite team’s victory, or enjoying their friends’ company on a night out after a defeat. Make sure you’ll have enough glasses to serve the crowd with disposable cups & barware.

Having beer specials or fun beverages such as milkshakes and floats available is another great idea to drum up business, and add some excitement to traditional beverage menus. 

Quality Tableware

Offering up all you can eat wings, nacho specials, or group discounts? Use sugarcane tableware to accommodate a variety of food items such as fries, wings, sandwiches, salads, and more! Sugarcane is our least expensive type of eco-friendly tableware, making them ideal for use during busy events to reduce costs, cleanup, and stress on staff.

Palm and bamboo tableware options are also available and, similar to sugarcane, offer quality eco-friendly and disposable tableware options. 

Decorate fruit trays, chips and dips, or sliders to include team-colored ingredients or designs. Keep it casual with our three compartment sugarcane disposable plates. They’ll keep multiple appetizers or sauces separate from your main meal. 

The Perfect Way to End a Game

Get creative and promote some sport themed desserts to top off the night!

Use tulip and fluted baking cups to show off sport themed cupcakes. For some extra fun, make the design of the cupcakes into the sport or team colors. Colorful and delicious, they are sure to be a hit with customers. Serving up slices of themed cake is another great option! From devil's food cakes to red velvet cakes, get creative and start baking to prepare for any sport event.

Small dessert items like brownies, donuts, squares, or mini cakes are another great option to decorate and present as finger foods to customers for some added fun.

Add some fun and excitement to your establishment by throwing a sport themed party or event. We’ll be here to help make it a success!


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