colorful mardi gras decorationscolorful mardi gras decorations

Celebrate Mardi Gras with Style

Add some color and fun to your establishment to celebrate Mardi Gras! From fun and vibrant colors to delicious food and beverages, use CiboWares’ selection of quality products to celebrate Mardi Gras with style. Add a festive feel to your establishment!

Pop of Color

Arrow, bamboo, and sword picks are available in a variety of colors, making them perfect for any event. Add an extra pop of color and fun with cocktail parasols, foil fireworks, foil mega frills, foil pinwheel picks. Ideal for use with a variety of beverages, including festive cocktails, they are the durable and stylish choice for Mardi Gras celebrations!

Colorful beverage and dinner napkins are also available to enhance the look of signature gumbos and entrees, and protect tabletops from unfortunate leaks or spills.

No beverage would be complete without quality straws! Use foil firework straws to serve up cocktails, specialty drinks, smoothies, or colorful slushies with ease. They feature a unique exploding firework-like design to create a fun and eye-catching presentation.

Festive Beverages

Serve up signature hurricane cocktails in hurricane glasses! Made from a mixture of fruit juice and rum, they can be topped with colorful berries and fruit and served with our selection of straws to create the ultimate colorful drink!

Serve up creolo cocktails with our selection of cocktail glasses, and create attractive garnishes with colorful fluorescent ball end picks for added style and flavor. Featuring mint, rum, soda, and lemon flavors, creolo cocktails are the perfect Mardi Gras beverage.

Add a more traditional flavor to celebrations with sazeracs. Serve them up in tumblers to create a colorful and tasty beverage. Top off with a lemon twist garnish to give it a fun yet elegant presentation.

Serve Up the Classics

From gumbo to jambalaya, Mardi Gras is the perfect event to feature a variety of dishes from the Big Easy and add a great taste and feel to festivities!

Serve up delicious chicken and sausage, chicken-andouille, or creole gumbo with our selection of soup crocks bowls to create an elegant and attractive presentation. Crawfish and crab-and-shrimp etouffees are also a perfectly creamy and tasty dish for any Mardi Gras celebration.

Featuring shrimp, Cajun vegetables, and rice, jambalaya is a fantastic option and can also include andouille sausage, garlic, and sauteed onions. Colorful and savory, serve up this dish with our selection of soup spoons to allow for the easy scooping of quality ingredients and sauces.

Serve up muffulettas with our selection of deli papers for a convenient meal on the go. Made with olive salad and Italian meat and cheeses, these delicious sandwiches have vibrantly colored ingredients to create a great presentation.

Top things off with shrimp or seafood hush puppies, and serve up in our selection of tasting cones to create a delicious bite for a meal on the go.

Colorful Desserts

Mardi Gras king cakes are the most popular dessert during Mardi Gras, and feature colorful sugars on top to create a festive and celebratory feel. Use our selection of pastry servers to cut slices with ease and serve on our eco-friendly palm cocktail plates to create the ultimate presentation.

King cake inspired cupcakes and cake pops are some other great options to add dashes of color to smaller desserts. Serve up colorful and delicious cupcakes with our selection of baking cups. Their simple yet elegant design is perfect for letting colorful sugar and icing stand out. Serve up colorful cake pops with our selection of skewers to create the perfect bite sized treat.

Banana fosters sundaes are another signature Mardi Gras treat and include bananas, brown sugar, creamy vanilla ice cream, and walnuts to create the ultimate easy and sweet treat. Serve up in our selection of banana split-relish dishes to create the perfect treat to top off Mardi Gras celebrations at your establishment.

Looking for an easy way to add some color to desserts? Put some beads around trays or platters for an added pop of color, or add some fun to traditional desserts by adding in colorful food coloring to the batter, and top it off with multicolored sugars and icing.

Don’t settle for low quality products, use CiboWares’ selection of premium quality products to bring some fun and color to any Mardi Gras celebration. Looking for more products to make your establishment’s Mardi Gras celebrations a success? Be sure to check out our picks and straws buying guides.


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