How to Promote Your Restaurant for Father’s DayA young girl is hugging an adult man. He is holding a card with a heart drawn on it.

How to Promote Your Restaurant for Father’s Day

Father's Day is a busy day for restaurants! It comes in third on the list of the busiest days of the year, behind only Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. You can take advantage of that by promoting your restaurant as the place to go on a special day. The following are some ideas you could pick to help you get the foot traffic you’re looking for on this holiday.

Use a New Menu Promotion

One way you can make a splash as Father's Day approaches is to offer limited time offers for an afternoon or evening. For example, you could create "Father and Child" specials for your menu, for any ages. This could be as simple as offering special pricing when buying two meals from a specific section of the menu. This can be especially effective to bring people out during non-peak hours if the pricing is applicable only during set non-peak times.

Some fathers just like to get out and enjoy the day with their peers away from their responsibilities. Sharing platters can be a great option for friends dining together; offering small portions of lots of options means each person can enjoy a variety of appetizers or desserts on your menu. When they’re impressed with what they try on the sharing platter, they’ll likely come back with either the same friends or with their families!

Another idea is to offer a multicourse prix fixe menu for the day. This allows kitchen staff to be more efficient in their duties while they create and serve delicious meals. Buying ingredients for a prix fixe menu can be more predictable because it is based on a more limited menu than usual.

Father's Day Specials

Work with your chef to think of ideas for Father's Day restaurant meals that are a twist on what you usually sell. For example, a simple burger with fries for a child with a corner cut off and placed on a different plate could be the "dad tax burger."

Depending on the atmosphere of your restaurant, either use appropriate humor or the idea of sincerely sharing time with a parent. This way, you can create an ambiance that matches your style while also bringing people in for the special occasion. Be authentic to your brand and have fun with new ideas and promotions.

Effective Restaurant Marketing

If you do not promote your offers, it’s hard to get that boost in restaurant traffic you desire. So, make sure you talk about this event in places like social media or any email marketing you might engage in.

In the run-up to Father's Day, you could work with local influencers to advertise your restaurant and any special menus you’ll be running. Contact family centered influencers in your area to see if they would like to negotiate a deal.

Offer a Takeout Option

With the above Father's Day menu ideas, you can make a special experience for many people. Consider expanding your target audience by offering takeout specials for Father’s Day. Offering a takeout family deal helps accommodate families who want to enjoy your restaurant’s food from the comfort of their home. This is especially appealing to families with multiple young children, or people who are looking for a quieter environment. Luckily, CiboWares has all the takeout supply options you need to caringly pack up meals to go.