Is Cold Brew Still Hot in 2023?A clear plastic cup of cold brew is being filled at a bar. There are jars of coffee beans in the background

Is Cold Brew Still Hot in 2023?

Cold brew coffee is bold, flavorful and can be made strong without the acidity of hot brewed coffee. It has risen in popularity and earned a status as a coffee staple for many fans. That may be because it is the perfect drink for a summer morning caffeine boost. Cold brew can be made in just a few steps, but it takes a bit of patience because it needs to steep for 12 to 24 hours!

The wait for a smooth, perfectly brewed coffee is worth it though. Plus, you can make it in as big of batches as you like! Coffee shops will likely need to make it by the gallon in the summertime but making only a few cups at a time is a great option for at home.

Coffee shops and restaurants offering coffee to go will greatly benefit from all our coffee takeout supplies. Cold cups, lids and straws are an essential starting point for any café selling cold drinks. We also have cup carriers for people ordering multiple drinks.

Read on to find out how to make a great tasting cup of cold brew!


  • Coarsely ground coffee
  • Room temperature to cold water


  • A cold brew coffee maker with built in filtration
  • OR
  • Two containers with either a funnel and coffee filter or very fine mesh sieve


Measure your coffee and water. A common starting ratio is 1 part coarsely ground coffee to 3 parts water, but it may take some adjusting before you find a ratio that works best for your needs. (This writer enjoys 1 part coffee to 2 parts water, but acknowledges that might be a bit strong for some coffee drinkers!)

If you are using a cold brew maker, it’s often as easy as adding the coffee to the correct part of the container, adding water, stirring the compartment with the coffee in the water to saturate the ground beans, and letting the coffee steep.

If you’re making cold brew without a maker, simply add the coffee to the container and then pour water over top of the grinds. Stir until the coffee is saturated, and then close the container.

Cold brew can steep either at room temperature or in the fridge. It should steep for a minimum of 12 hours, and up to 24 hours. Then, it is time to strain the coffee.

If you are using a cold brew maker with a built-in filtration system, you often just have to remove the part of the maker that holds the ground coffee and discard them.

If you are using a jars or containers for your coffee, place the funnel and coffee filter or sieve into the top of the empty container. Slowly pour the coffee through the filter, allowing it to catch the coffee grinds. Give the coffee a stir.

Your cold brew is now ready to be turned into the perfect cup of coffee!

Cold brew coffee often needs to be diluted with water unless you like a very strong cup. A common starting point is a 1:1 cold brew concentrate to cold water, but some people like it as 1:1.5 cold brew concentrate to cold water.

Add some ice to your cold brew, and then put any coffee add ins that you like. We recommend using a liquid sweetener like simple syrup if you’d like to add some sweetness. Regular granulated sugar won’t dissolve in the cold liquid. Vanilla or caramel syrups are popular choices, combined with milk or plant-based milk. Enjoy!

Enjoy Cup After Cup of Great Tasting Coffee

Cold brew can be kept at full strength in the fridge for up to two weeks, but most coffee lovers won’t let it stick around that long! It is recommended to dilute it only as much as you’re drinking at one time. This makes the coffee last longer and taste fresher.

It should be noted that cold brew coffee, even though it has a less acidic and smoother taste than hot brewed coffee, contains the same or more caffeine. For a lot of people this isn’t an issue, but it can catch someone enjoying their first cup of cold brew a bit off guard!

CiboWares is here to help you serve refreshing cold brews and iced coffees, as well as comforting cups of hot coffee and tea. No matter the time of year, we have the supplies to help you run your coffee shop smoothly.