Nice person wearing a chef shirt and a fluted chef hatkitchen staff working and wearing various styles of chef hats

Who Wears a Chef Hat and Why?

Chef hats have always been a popular symbol of the culinary arts. Their signature design is both eye catching and functional for chefs working in a kitchen. But who wears a chef hat, and why?

Typically chef hats are worn by the most senior or authoritative figure in the kitchen, usually the executive chef. Executive chefs are in charge of overseeing the kitchen, including various stations such as salads and grills. Historically the taller the chef hat the more experienced the chef. Pleats were also made to indicate how many recipes the chef knew.

Present day chefs do not have to wear a chef hat. With so many options available such as beanie chef caps, hairnets, and paper caps, many chefs are looking for smaller, more compact hat styles in the kitchen. Chef hats and hair restraints are designed to keep hair locked in place to prevent the contamination of food and kitchen equipment or tools. They are a necessary part of any foodservice location to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. Chef hats are available in flat pack, fluted, pleated, Viscose “Le Toque”, and Viscose shaded pleat styles to suit any user’s needs.

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