person wearing accelerator free grape grip gloves and checking on a patientperson wearing accelerator free grape grip gloves and checking on a patient

What are Accelerator Free Gloves?

When selecting a pair of disposable gloves, those with sensitive skin often avoid products made from latex. Vinyl or nitrile options are popular alternatives. It is important to consider materials found in latex-free gloves that may also cause allergies or sensitivities.

Used during the making of nitrile gloves, accelerators are types of chemicals that may cause reactions among some users. Sometimes they can include sulfur-based chemicals. CiboWares offers accelerator-free gloves, which are manufactured without the use of these chemicals and are designed to reduce the risk of skin reactions. They are safer for use by those with sensitive skin and are more durable than traditional nitrile gloves.
We recommend our nitrile Grape Grip gloves. Accelerator free, powder free, chemical resistant, and medical grade, they are extremely durable and are approved for use with chemotherapy. They are also textured and allow users to easily and confidently grip tools and other objects.

Still determining which disposable gloves are best for your needs? Read our Disposable Gloves Buying Guide to learn more about the many quality options offered by CiboWares.

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