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The Tools You Need for a Successful Hotel Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and offering a quality breakfast buffet at your hotel is the perfect way to impress guests and provide them with a delicious meal to start their day. Not having napkins, cutlery, and other essential buffet products can turn any delicious breakfast buffet meal into a disaster! Ensure your buffet has all the essentials with CiboWares’ selection of quality products.

Buffet Essentials

No customer can enjoy a buffet meal without some basic essentials! Set up an area at the end of the buffet where customers can pick up cutlery, napkins, and other basics with ease.

Use cutlery bins to organize forks, spoons, knives, and other utensils for customers convenience. Set out stainless steel cutlery, or promote a “green” feel at your hotel with eco-friendly wooden cutlery, or use convenient plastic cutlery instead! Non-disposable cutlery is available in a multitude of styles to suit any establishment, and cutlery kits are a convenient way to allow customers to grab a single package with all they’ll need inside. They are especially useful for customers grabbing breakfast on the go.

Keep everything your guest will need within reach with condiment dispensers - from maple syrup to salt and pepper. Have breakfast and beverage condiment packets available, so they can have their breakfast, coffee or tea the way they like it. Coffee stir sticks and coffee lid plugs are some other great products for any buffet. Coffee lid stir and plug sticks are available in both stirrer and beverage plug styles to stir and plug beverages with ease.


From coffee and tea to juice and milk, CiboWares has all the products needed to serve up a variety of beverages at your hotel breakfast buffet. Coffee makers and servers are guaranteed to keep beverages piping hot and ready to serve. For cold drinks such as juice, water, and milk, use our selection of glass or plastic pitchers. Durable, they are guaranteed to resist cracks or leaks for maximum convenience.

Use our selection of glasses and mugs to serve up any quality beverage, or, use our hot and cold cups for a great disposable option to reduce time spent cleaning after service. Use our selection of paper hot cups to serve up hot chocolate, coffee, or tea, and our selection of translucent cups to serve up cold beverages such as orange juice and milk. Lids for both styles are available to prevent unfortunate leaks or spills, and allow guests to take a beverage to go.

Ensure the easy dispensing of cold beverages with beverage dispensers. Featuring a spigot for easy self serve beverage dispensing, they have an easy to remove lid for quick and easy refills during service.

Hot Dishes

Serve up pancakes, waffles, sausages, scrambled eggs, hash browns and more with our selection of quality chafers. Designed to keep dishes warm and ready to serve, they have convenient handles to allow guests to remove and replace lids safely. Serving spoons and tongs are also available to make scooping and serving food items a breeze. Use chafing fuel with chafers to ensure food items stay the perfect temperature.

Electric food warmers can also be used with steam tables or hotel pans to hold scrambled eggs, hash browns, or cooked meat products. They are energy efficient and made from durable stainless steel to stand up to heavy use with ease.

Fruit and Pastries

Give fruit and cinnamon rolls, muffins, loaves, and other baked goods a unique presentation with our selection of trays and accessories. They are ideal for displaying colorful fruit and varieties of sweet and delicious pastries or baked goods.

Yogurt and Cereal

Display varieties of cereal to allow customers to choose their favorite fruity or wheat option. Yogurt, oatmeal, and cereal can be served up in our selection of quality oatmeal and fruit bowls to make any fruit and nut cereal or strawberry yogurt look appealing.

Useful Tools

Food wraps and papers are a great option for lining trays or platters of baked goods. This helps to prevent crumbs and grease from staining platters and helps to promote a stylish and clean looking presentation for guests.

Make sure to have towels and wipes on hand to quickly wipe off counters or tables in between customers or during service. No customer wants to get their breakfast from a dirty counter!

CiboWares has all the supplies needed to serve up everything from fresh fruit to fluffy pancakes with ease. Looking for more products to make your hotel’s breakfast a success? Be sure to check out our chafing fuel buying guide.


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