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The Best Products to Display Your Bakery’s Goods

Every bakery knows that presentation is key when it comes to baked goods. From fresh and crispy rolls to delicious cakes and cookies, CiboWares has all the products to enhance the look of any bakery’s baked goods. Keep reading to find out about our selection of containers and pans that are guaranteed to be a hit with bakers and customers alike.

Smaller Baked Goods

From classic chocolate chip cookies to carrot muffins and delicious pastries, these tasty treats are sure to satisfy a variety of sweet tooths.

Use our selection of plastic hinged containers to display smaller food items with ease. Featuring a clear design, they allow customers and employees to see contents for easy content identification, and are perfect for packaging up larger portions of cookies or smaller baked goods for sale.

Featuring attached lids, simply snap lids closed to seal in freshness. They are easy to open, and feature a durable plastic construction that is guaranteed to keep food items fresh and ready to serve.

Our selection of food storage bags can also be used to display food items such as cookies. Stack cookies, place in bags, and twist tie to keep cookies fresh. Be sure to place cookies away from heavier food items to prevent them from breaking while on display. Bags are ideal for providing customers with a convenient treat on the go and allow customers to simply twist tie bags after use to preserve remaining sweet treats. They also help to prevent pesky crumbs from creating messes on display counters.


Display German chocolate, traditional vanilla, or your own specialty cakes with ease with our selection of quality containers.

Use our selection of dome lids and foil trays to display a variety of cakes with ease. Dome lids are clear to allow for the easy identification of products, and allow the colorful and delicious look of cakes to stand out. Foil round trays have a full curled rim to allow dome lids to snap onto trays with ease to lock out contaminants and seal in freshness. For cakes with delicious icing or toppings, dome lids are high enough to prevent icing from sticking to lids and ruining cake presentation. Convenient, they are ideal for allowing customers to carry and transport cake purchases with ease.


Strawberry rhubarb, chocolate, coconut cream, and pumpkin are all delicious pie options that rely on quality presentation to stand out to customers. Use our selection of round foil pie pans to display pies with ease. Made from quality foil materials, they have convenient edges to allow for easy handling. Able to accommodate a variety of pies, they allow room for toppings and are durable enough to stand up to heavier food items without twisting and ruining pie fillings or crust.


From banana or lemon, to pumpkin or chocolate, loaves are an excellent option to snack on, and go great with coffee or tea.

Display your bakery’s quality loaves with the help of foil loaf pans and dome lids for loaf pans. Our foil loaf pans are specially designed for holding loaves and have a durable design to prevent bending or damage to loaves. They also have a firm edge for easy handling and a full curled rim for easy use with dome lids.

Dome lids for loaf pans have a clear design to allow customers and employees to easily identify loaf pan contents, and can easily be snapped onto loaf pans to prevent contaminants from contaminating delicious loaves. Convenient and easy to use, they are a necessity for any bakery baking up fresh loaves.


While many of these products are also great for catering, CiboWares also has a variety of corrugated catering boxes available to make serving up larger portions of baked goods a snap.

Use corrugated catering boxes to display pans of donuts, bagels, cookies, pastries, and a variety of other baked goods with ease. They have an angled design for easy transport, and are recyclable for maximum convenience.

Other Useful Products

Food wraps and papers are also available to line catering boxes or other bakery display products. They’ll prevent icing, grease, or other substances from staining the sides of boxes or containers - resulting in a clean and professional presentation. Bakery tissues can be used to grab individual food items for packaging, and can also be used to display food items in display counters. Also, our baking cups are perfectly designed to prepare and display anything from delicious cupcakes and muffins to small chocolate truffles.

Use measuring spoons to measure out baking powder, vanilla, and other baking ingredients, and use sheet pans to bake up rolls, cookies, and other baked goods in no time. Bun pan bags and bun rack covers are perfectly designed to protect food items from contaminants and keep goods fresh. Aluminum racks are guaranteed to accommodate trays of cookies, rolls, pastries, and other baked goods with ease, and are designed to store and cool food items to save valuable storage and counter space in busy kitchens.

Presentation is key when it comes to displaying delicious desserts, and CiboWares has all the products needed to display treats in new and exciting ways!


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