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The Many Benefits of Food Wraps and Papers

Food wraps and papers are a must-have for any establishment. From packaging food to serving up sandwiches, donuts, and other baked goods, these durable products are guaranteed to enhance the look of any delicious food item! Keep reading to find out what food wraps or papers are best suited for your establishment, and why you should use them!


Serve up donuts, muffins, cookies, and other baked goods with our selection of bakery tissues. Interfolded, they come in convenient dispensing boxes to ensure easy use in busy kitchens.

Use interfolded handling tissues to transport muffins or cookies to boxes or take-out bags for customers. They are the convenient way to prevent food contamination and promote a safe and sanitary environment. Able to stand up to greasy treats, they can also be used to line tasting cones or small bakery boxes to prevent treats from staining the sides of dishes.

Sandwich Shops and Deli’s

Use sandwich wraps to package chicken caesar wraps or steak and cheese sandwiches with ease. Easy to handle, they are designed to make wrapping a breeze to save time and effort spent packaging products.

Use grease resistant sandwich papers as basket liners to prevent grease from sandwiches, wraps, or sides of fries and onion rings from seeping through.

Deli papers are also ideal for use with sandwiches, wraps, paninis, and a variety of other food items. Their dry wax design makes them ideal for use with hot food items such as grilled sandwiches. Available in checkerboard, mexican pepper, and newsprint designs, they are guaranteed to enhance the look of any delicious dish.

Laminated foil wraps are another great option. Their shiny design enhances the look of food items, and they are perfectly designed to keep sandwiches the perfect temperature to ensure customer satisfaction.


Ranging from 12” to 24” wide, film wrap rolls with cutters will let you package up small items for takeout, or seal up large bowls of salad for storage. They have cutter blades on the packaging to allow for easy cutting and safe handling. Their design also helps to reduce the wastage of wrapping products and promote food freshness.

Satin-pac poly film sheets provide great barrier protection against moisture and are perfect for storing food items in the freezer. Serving up hamburgers? Use these quality sheets to separate and store raw patties to ensure freshness and prevent contamination.

Prevent freezer burn with freezer paper rolls. Ideal for wrapping up meat, cheese, or fish, they have the strength to resist punctures or tears to ensure food products stay fresh and uncontaminated. Durable and easy to wrap, they are perfect for wrapping up large roasts, steak, and a variety of other meats. They offer an average protection of 3-6 months to ensure quality storage.

Use foil rolls to preserve food items such as side dishes, potatoes, and sandwiches with ease. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, they are designed to keep food items fresh for longer periods of time for maximum convenience.

Butcher Shops

Bleached butcher rolls are designed to prevent fluids such as blood from meat products from soaking through and contaminating surfaces or containers. Ideal for wrapping meat, poultry, and fish products, they come in individually shrink wrapped rolls and can also be used as disposable table coverings to protect surfaces from substances.

Add Some Style to Wrapping!

Add some style to burritos, hamburgers, and sandwiches with gold interfolded aluminum foil sheets. One side has a quality gold color, while the other side has a silver color. Designed to keep food items fresh for longer periods of time, they are the perfect elegant and stylish option for any foodservice establishment.

Easy Dispensing

No kitchen would be complete without food wrap or paper dispensers to ensure easy access to food wraps and papers, and to allow for quick and easy wrapping.

Kenkut 3 film and foil dispensers are designed for use with food films and foils and have a side cutter to allow for the easy cutting of film or foil. They also have non-slip feet for easy placement on counters or surfaces, and can be wall mounted for maximum convenience. They are perfectly designed to prevent the wastage of film and foil.

Make sure you’re serving perfectly wrapped sandwiches or a perfectly lined tray of creamy donuts with CiboWares’ selection of quality products.

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