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Make Cleaning a Breeze with Janitorial Supplies

Ensuring cleanliness and safety is a must for any food service location, and that includes your dining or serving area, your kitchen, and your kitchen equipment. Of course, there are sponges, scouring pads and lots of other janitorial supplies, but today, we’re going to focus on floors. From mop buckets to angle brooms, CiboWares has everything needed to allow for the easy cleaning of any food service business.

Swept Away

From warehouse to lobby, brooms are perfect for sweeping up dirt, food, and other messes with ease. Angle brooms help to sweep away finer particles and tougher to reach messes, while lobby brooms with polypropylene bristles are perfect for sweeping on a variety of surfaces such as tile and carpet.

Looking for durable handles? Metal, threaded tip, tapered tip, and a variety of other styles are available to suit any need. Brooms are also available for use outdoors, indoors, in garages and commercial buildings, on cement, and a variety of other surfaces.

No broom would be complete without a dust pan. Wide dust pans are perfect for general cleaning, while lobby dust pans are ideal for more heavy duty cleaning in larger areas and help prevent contents from spilling while in use.

Mop it Up

When a broom won’t do, grab a mop! Dust mops offer the perfect solution to cleaning up dust and dirt residue. Stinger wet mops can be used for heavier duty cleaning in a variety of industrial or food service locations.

Mop sticks allow for the easy release of mop heads from handles after use and are designed to prevent users from having to come in contact with dirty mop heads after cleaning. Cleaning in a wet environment? Squeegees are perfect for removing water from surfaces such as tile floors and help to reduce streaks and allow for easy scrubbing.

Sponge mops are perfect for cleaning up unfortunate spills and drying floors. They allow for easy removal of mop heads to help save user’s time and promote efficient cleaning.

Essential Mop Supplies

Wet mops wouldn’t be complete without buckets and wringers. Structolene mop buckets feature a “caution” logo to promote safety and have wheels to allow for easy cleaning, especially in industrial settings.

Mop buckets and wringers are the ultimate cleaning solution as they help to separate dirty and clean water, and have easy to use wringers to make wringing and mopping a snap in a variety of locations.

“Wet Floor” caution signs are another must-have for food service or industrial locations to warn others that floors are slippery after cleaning. These signs fold flat to save valuable storage space and have English, French, and German imprint on both sides, making them ideal for multilingual workplaces.

Easy Disposal

Whether they are used in kitchens or dining rooms, trash bins and other receptacles are an absolute must-have for food service locations to dispose of food waste or disposable tableware. Katchall flatware retrievers are a wonderful product for any location as they retrieve flatware that ends up in the trash, helping save time spent rooting through trash to retrieve flatware, and money spent on replacements.

Huskee containers are stackable and ideal for holding a variety of waste products, and slender trash cans or receptacles are another wonderful option for kitchens or dining rooms for easy waste disposal.

Does your establishment offer an outdoor smoking area? Smoking receptacles are ideal for promoting a clean and sanitary outdoor area and can withstand the elements outdoors. They offer convenience to customers by providing them with an easy way to extinguish cigarette butts in a mess free manner.

Everyday Cleaning

Kleen-pail caddy and spray bottles are ideal for general cleaning tasks such as cleaning tables and chairs after service. They help ensure that bottles remain separate from the cleaning solution to promote safety, and are green, denoting that they are safe for use for soap or cleaning solutions.

Red Kleen pails are safe for use for sanitizing solutions for tabletops or counters. Use green and red kleen pails to keep solutions separate and ensure safety and cleanliness in establishments.

Keeping establishment’s clean and sanitary is key to any businesses success, and CiboWares has all the supplies needed to make cleaning a breeze. Looking for more janitorial or cleaning products? Be sure to check out our Cleaning your Commercial Kitchen blog post.


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