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Everything You Need to Know About Ink Ribbons

CiboWares carries the popular Epson ERC-30 ink ribbons available for cash registers. Ink ribbons are designed for use in printers or POS (point of sale) systems to keep receipts printing clearly, and can fit many common Epson printers.

Ink ribbons and paper stay together during printing and the ink from the ink ribbon is transferred onto the paper.

Extended life ribbons are designed to last longer by printing more receipts or pages than standard life ribbons to save your business time and money.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Our ink ribbons are guaranteed to meet or exceed all OEM specifications and are labelled as “compatible,” but what does that mean? Compatible ink ribbons are made by third party manufacturers but follow the standards and specifications of the Original Equipment Manufacturer to ensure that customers receive the same quality product.

Black/red extended life ribbons are available to suit any business’ needs. Our ink ribbons are compatible with Epson ERC-30 printers.

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