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How Palm Leaf Tableware is Made

How Palm Leaf Tableware is Made

Today it’s more important than ever to consider the impact our waste has on our environment. Companies across all industries have made efforts to incorporate sustainable materials into their products, restaurants and dining included. Products like palm plates are designed to be eco-friendly while maintaining the durability expected in their conventional counterparts. Today we’ll discuss the palm leaf process, and talk about the benefits that come with CiboWares' palm plate products.

The Palm Leaf Story

When it comes to eco-friendly products, many people are unaware that palm leaves serve as a good choice. Located in desert or tropical regions, palm trees keep their leaves year-round. While certain species are harvested for fruit and seeds, they all naturally shed their leaves, which then fall to the ground. Shedding can happen as often as every few weeks.

Palm leaves are then collected to be cleaned. While processes vary, cleaning typically includes washing the leaves in water, along with the application of heat, to remove dirt and other debris. No chemicals are used, ensuring the integrity of the leaves. After cleaning, the palm leaves are left to air dry. Once the palm leaves are ready, they are stretched and flattened by hand. Heated presses are used to bend the leaves into the desired plate shape. Once the plates are made, they are left again to air dry.

The collection of palm leaves is a process that’s environmentally friendly in several ways. Unlike the forestation efforts required in paper product production, palm leaf collection leaves trees untouched. Apart from manual labor, no other efforts from machinery or resource consumption are required, leaving instead a process with minimal environmental impact.

Different Materials, Same Functionality, Affordable Prices

Palm plates are naturally lightweight, and might cause you to question their ability to support even the lightest of food. Nevertheless, palm plates serve the same functionality as standard plastic and paper plates, with more durability. These plates are hard to puncture or rip, giving them an advantage over materials like styrofoam.

Palm plates are microwavable, and can be used to quickly zap leftovers or frozen meals. Use in the oven is not a problem, as these plates can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees for up to 45 minutes. Palm plates can just as easily handle cold food, such as ice cream. These plates are also moisture-resistant, meaning they’ll never get soggy. No need for any concern that your food will taste “funny” with palm leaves. They will not add to or change the taste of your foods; not even liquids.

If design and style are a concern, keep in mind that the heat molding process allows palm plates to be made in a variety of shapes to best serve your needs. Small tasting plates are excellent if you’re hosting a dinner party or wine tasting. Heart, round and square plates are available to fit your personal tastes. The wood-like appearance of all palm plate products adds a stylish flare to any table. With the variety offered in these durable products, palm plates are the best way to incorporate sustainable products into upcoming barbecues, events and parties.

For many consumers, the idea of choosing environmentally-friendly products also means paying a premium. Ciboware’s palm plate products are affordable option compared to other brands. Plates are available in a standard pack of 25; for large-order needs, bulk ordering is available.

After the Party: Additional Uses for Palm Leaf Products

Before you dispose of your palm plates, remember they are eco-friendly, and therefore have uses aside from serving as dinnerware. If you have a fireplace, they can be used alongside other kindling without releasing harmful contaminants into the air. If you have a garden, you can tear up the plates and spread them around to enrich your soil, just like other compost materials. The natural compost process takes around 90 days.

Palm Plates: the Logical Choice

Whether you’re a parent looking to host a birthday party or a restaurant owner looking to reduce waste, palm plates are a practical, eco-friendly option. The process used in making these products uses no chemicals and leaves behind a minimal impact on the environment. Their durability and versatility allow them to handle any food for any occasion. CiboWares is dedicated to providing our customers with superior products. Palm plates are just one example of our complete lineup of products to serve your restaurant and dining needs.

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