NEW From CiboWares: Pink Ribbon Stirrersa pink breast cancer awareness ribbon on top of a pink and white background

NEW From CiboWares: Pink Ribbon Stirrers

CiboWares is excited to showcase two new products, released just this week! From the brand StixToGo, we have launched both the Pink Ribbon Stir Stix Plugs, and Biodegradable Black Beverage Plugs.

Pink Ribbon Stir Stix Plugs help show your support for breast cancer research and awareness, as part of the proceeds goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation when this item is purchased from the brand. The “pink ribbon” design has become an international symbol to show this support.

Show Your Support

October is breast cancer awareness month, and having Pink Ribbon Stir Stix Plugs available for customers or guests helps keep that awareness top of mind. Having Pink Ribbon Stir Stix available is great, but if you would like to keep customers talking, one idea is to place the Pink Ribbon Stir Stix Plugs in the area where people add their milk and sugar, along with a poster or pamphlets of facts and statistics about breast cancer.

Some trustworthy sources for facts and statistics about cancers are:

Product Details

This item is a great addition to coffee shops, offices, hospital cafeterias, churches, or anywhere offering coffee and tea to go. The plug portion of the item works by clicking into the oval shaped sipping hole of a coffee lid. This works best with a dome style disposable lid. The total length of the product is approximately 4.7” long; this includes the pink ribbon topper.

Like the original Stix to Go “Stir Stix” line of items, the Pink Ribbon Stir Stix Plugs help keep your coffee hotter for longer, while helping to prevent burns by stopping coffee from splashing out the lid’s sipping hole. Stir Stix Plugs are super useful for bringing your coffee in the car or on the bus, or even walking down the street. Avoid making messes and hurting yourself by securing a lid to your cup, and coffee plug into the lid.

Made from polypropylene, this product may be recyclable in some areas. Polypropylene is one of the most recycled materials and is a plastic used in many household items. Our products, including stirrers, stir sticks, and coffee plugs are BPA free. (BPA can be a harmful substance; there are studies showing exposure to BPA correlates with hormone-related cancers.)

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