Gary wearing a vinyl glove and placing some waffle squares on a silver platterperson wearing blue nitrile gloves in a medical lab

Labeling Latex-Free Gloves

As noted by the FDA in December of 2014, using terms such as “latex-free” or “does not contain latex” on the packaging of disposable gloves may be confusing to users. Terms like these can imply that the gloves are free from either natural rubber latex or synthetic latex. In order to be more specific and reduce confusion, the FDA recommends labeling latex-free products with “not made with natural rubber latex.”

Many of CiboWares’ disposable gloves are considered “not made with natural rubber latex” in order to assure users that natural rubber latex was not used to create the final product.

We offer a variety of nitrile, vinyl, poly, and other latex-free gloves accommodate users with sensitive skin and allergies. Shop our NitraFlex, Black Widow, and Paradigm options. Still looking for the best disposable gloves to suit your needs? With our handy Disposable Gloves Buying Guide, finding the perfect pair is a snap.

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