Kris wearing a poly apron and scrubbing a stainless steel counterperson wearing a black nitrile glove and cleaning the grill with a grill brick

Grill Cleaning Buying Guide

Make Cleaning Messy Grills a Breeze

The most important aspect of any restaurant or food service location is cleanliness. Whether you’re grilling burgers or frying up some fresh cut french fries, ensure your griddles, grills, and burners are sparkling clean and ready for service with CiboWares selection of premium quality grill cleaning supplies.

Griddle Screens:

Eliminate tough stains and food particles on hot grills or griddles with these griddle screens. Great for use on almost any surface, their design allows for easy rinsing without clogging for maximum convenience.
Size: 4” x 5.5”
Material: Open rayon mesh screen, screens have been treated with aluminum oxide
Uses: Hot grills, griddles
Note: Meant to be used with cleaning pad and holder


Griddle Blocks:

Clean dull stainless steel grills with ease with griddle blocks. Featuring tough abrasives, they are ill suited for use on polished, chrome-plated, or shiny stainless steel tables or surfaces.
Material: Glass foam
Wrap: Polyethylene film
Uses: Dull stainless steel grills, flame scorched pots and pans


Black Grill Cleaning Pads:

Featuring a non-soap design, their tough abrasives provide maximum cleaning power, making them perfect for scrubbing out tough stains and residue.
Material: Nylon web construction with tough abrasives
Color: Black
Uses: Greasy grills, burners, cooking utensils, kitchen equipment



Grill Screen & Plastic Pad Holders: These holders are guaranteed to make cleaning tough spots and corners a breeze.
Material: Plastic
Color: Blue
Note: Meant for use with a griddle screen and grill cleaning pad
Uses: Cleaning and polishing grills

Grill Cleaning Kits:

A convenient choice, these kits feature one tough abrasive pad, one clog resistant grill screen, and durable metal holder to ensure safe and efficient cleaning by the user.
Note: Contains one pad, one screen, and one metal holder unless otherwise indicated