coffee shop apple pie on a table set with fall decorations

Fall Food Trends

Fall signifies the changing colors of the leaves and a change in flavors when it comes to food and beverages. From hearty soups and sandwiches to delicious apple and pumpkin flavored desserts, here are some of the most popular fall food trends that are guaranteed to keep customers coming back for more. 

Delicious Sandwiches

From tomato and basil grilled cheeses to mac'n'cheese and roasted mushroom, sandwiches are a classic dish that can be filled with ingredients to match any season! Creamy cheese, mushrooms, and ham are popular ingredients. Pair with a ciabatta bun or a baguette and you have yourself a great fall sandwich.

Use our selection of food picks to keep sandwiches together and enhance presentation, and serve them up on our sugarcane, palm, or bamboo tableware.

Hearty Soup

Serve up hearty and savory soups to celebrate the season!

Butternut squash and bacon, chicken noodle, broccoli cheddar, bacon-sweet potato, creamy pumpkin, chicken and mushroom, baked potato: these are all popular soup options for fall. Ingredients such as squash, pumpkin, and carrot are ideal for creating thick purees that are guaranteed to satisfy customer’s appetites for fall flavors.

Serve up your selection of fall soups of the day with our selection of sugarcane or palm bowls to give soups a new and stylish look while also being eco-friendly. 

All Pumpkin All the Time

Pumpkin pies, muffins, cakes, cookies, spiced lattes, and even dips are all trendy food items in the fall to accommodate customer’s love for all things pumpkin.

Serve up pumpkin pies with our selection of foil pie pans and pie servers to make baking and serving up slices of pie a snap! 

Add some new flavors to crackers and fruit with pumpkin dips. Ideal for use with finger foods or cracker and fruit trays, they will look great in our disposable plastic souffle/portion cups.
Bake up pumpkin muffins with our selection of white fluted or tulip baking cups and top with whipped cream or cream cheese to create the ultimate fall dessert or snack.

Serving up pumpkin spiced lattes or apple ciders? Use our selection of disposable cups and lids to serve up delicious hot beverages, and top with whipped cream, caramel, or cinnamon to add some more fall flavors to classic beverages. Cinnamon sticks are another great idea as they can also act as a stirrer.

Pumpkin tends to work best with cream cheese or nuts, but add some fun to desserts by using chocolate, whipped cream, coffee flavors, or oatmeal to create the ultimate sweet fall treat. Apple desserts such as classic apple pies, ciders, and muffins are also extremely popular and are sure to be a hit with customers.


Another flavor that has emerged in fall is cherry! Cherry flavored squares, pies, bread, and coffee cake are all excellent options for fall. Bake and serve cherry loaves with quality loaf pans to give loaves a classic presentation. Cherry flavors work best with coffee, almond, and chocolate to give dishes the added punch they need to become your establishment’s next hit dish.

Keep your customers happy, and warm them up with these comforting fall flavors. Looking for more products to make fall flavored dishes a success? Be sure to check out our disposable tableware and food picks buying guides, and our selection of picks, mugs, and non-disposable tableware.


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