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Bakery Trends for 2017

From bread and rolls to elaborate and colorful cakes, brownies, and tarts, bakeries are the one stop shop to find just the right dessert or snack to satisfy a craving or sweet tooth. So far, 2017 has seen its fair share of delicious and creative desserts and bakery trends that are guaranteed to be a hit with customers. Keep reading to find out what the newest bakery trends have been for this year, and which products you’ll need to make them! 

Mix and Match

Everybody loves traditional ice cream cookies and sandwiches, but what about ice cream sandwich cakes? This has been the year of mixing and matching recipes to experiment and have some fun with traditional desserts!

To make this cake, you simply alternate between layers of ice cream sandwiches, whipped cream or pudding. Use ergonomic handle spoons to measure out the pudding, whipped cream, or ice cream with ease. Add some butterscotch, nuts, sprinkles, chocolate bar bits, and any other sweet ingredients you can dream up to give cakes an added sweet or salty flavor. To give your cake a level up, bake your own cookies and use your choice of ice cream instead of using store bought ice cream sandwiches.

Think Small

Small and bite sized cakes, apple pies, cheesecakes, and donuts are in and are perfect for giving customers a snack on the go.

Add some powdered sugar, icing, and sprinkles to mini donuts and they are ready to go! Serve them up in our hinged containers and they will be a guaranteed hit with customers.

Mini cheesecakes can be baked with our selection of quality baking cups to allow for quality cooking and easy handling. S’mores, chocolate covered strawberry, lime, chocolate chip cookie, and salted caramel are all popular flavors that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Yummy Tarts

Continuing with the trend of bite sized desserts, tarts are rapidly becoming a frequently sought after treat.

Add some strawberries, blueberries, and fresh cherries to tarts to give them a fresh and fruity flavor, or, serve up creamy chocolate ganache tarts to satisfy customers chocolatey cravings. Go more traditional with baked apple or butter tarts. Serve up these sweet creations with our round foil tart pans to give tarts a classic look, and make them easier to handle.

Reinvented Croissants

A nice croissant in the morning with butter is a great option, but what about croissants filled with butter cream or sprinkles?

Stuff croissants with fruit, chocolate, icings, custards, sprinkles, Oreo bits, and other creamy and delicious fillings and toppings to create the ultimate dessert croissant. Serve up these colorful creations with palm leaf cocktail plates or wrap them up in our food wraps and papers for customers to enjoy these reinvented classics on the go.

Bright and Colorful Cakes

Of course cakes still remain immensely popular, but this year pastels are in to create bright and fun cakes suitable for a variety of events. Using cereal and candies to create new textures is also becoming a new way to add some color and taste to cakes and other baked goods.

Changing up textures with fruit fillings, smooth and buttery icings, crunchy sprinkles, nuts, and candies such as chocolate bars and gummies is also becoming more popular. The current trend involves mixing and matching these textures to create a variety of textures all in one!

Use smooth icings, crunchy fillings, and savory sauces to enhance the flavors of cakes and have some fun! Use our selection of spatulas and scrapers to smooth icing and mix cake batter. Bake and serve cakes with foil cake pans. Featuring rolled edges, they are perfect for displaying or transporting cakes.

Meal Muffins

Though muffins may not constitute a full meal, this year the trend has involved stuffing meals into muffins! These muffins are perfect for a quick meal on the go, and are a little more savory and unique than traditional chocolate chip or carrot classics.

Serve up spinach artichoke, jalapeno cheddar, bacon and cheddar, stuffing muffins, and broccoli, cheddar, sausage, and egg muffins to give customers a more savory muffin experience.

Serve up muffins in our selection of white fluted and tulip baking cups to give them a clean and stylish look.

Missing Something?

CiboWares has a variety of baking supplies available to accommodate any sweet baking need.

Use sheet pans to bake up cookies, pastries, bread, rolls, or other dough products with ease. Bun pan bags help trays of baked goods stay fresh for longer periods of time, and are recyclable for maximum convenience.

Use foil trays and dome lids to display pies and cakes with ease. The clear dome lids allow customers to look at baking creations and help bakery staff easily identify products.

CiboWares has a selection of quality bakery products to meet the newest trends and create new and exciting baking creations! To find out more, be sure to check out our bakery supplies.


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